• LIVE: Royal Rumble 2022

    Published on January 30, 2022

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    5:08 am
    By Lee McAteer

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    5:05 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Men’s Royal Rumble Recap!

    A not so amazing Men’s rumble but a result that gives us a clear line to WrestleMania in 62 Days time!

    The Key points

    • Brock Lesnar enters at number 30 to win the 2022 Men’s Royal Rumble, last eliminating Drew Mcintyre to win.
    • Surprise appearances from Shane McMahon and Bad Bunny, with Bad Bunny having a particular strong showing.
    • A Rumble with no stars from NXT appearing or any real returning legends
    • Kofi Kingston fails in his ” Kofi” spot and gets eliminated by Kevin Owens after slipping on the barricade.
    • Johnny Knoxville puts on a fun show but is eliminated by Sami Zayn.
    5:00 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Brock Lesnar Wins the Men’s 2022 Royal Rumble

    Brock Lesnar wins the Rumble after coming in at 30! He revenges his 2020 dissapointment to Drew Mcintyre by throwing him out to win it all!

    4:53 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Brock Lesnar is Number 30!

    The beast is back! Brock enters after losing his WWE title earlier, straight into taking out Orton and a F5 & Elimination to Bad Bunny. He takes out Riddle and does the same to Shane. We are down to Drew and Brock… Who will win this time?

    4:52 am
    By Lee McAteer

    RK-Bro take over

    Orton is in at 29, with him and Riddle taking over and RKO’s to everybody. Could this be the final two?

    4:48 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Shane Macmahon enters the Rumble!

    Here comes the money! Shane makes his return at 28 in the rumble! He eliminates Kevin Owens to boos before squaring up with Drew. Two shock entries in a row after none before this!

    4:46 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Bad Bunny enters the Rumble!!!

    Our first shock as Bad Bunny is back and into the rumble! He starts strong with a destroyer on Riddle & gets Sheamus out! He tries to take out Rey but is unable to. Can he do this??

    4:45 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Kofi misses his rumble save spot!

    Kofi goes to save himself after being pushed from the top rope by KO… But he is unable to stop both his feet hitting the floor & is eliminated as a result. I think that might not have been the plan. Still quite the dull rumble with no major surprises.

    4:38 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Drew Mcintyre Returns!

    A surprise as Drew speeds back from his neck injury to enter the Rumble and take out Moss & Corbin! KO joins at 22, 8 men left to go, hopefully some big names coming up!

    4:30 am
    By Lee McAteer

    MadCapp Moss tosses out Aj Styles

    A shock as Moss gets a big moment by throwing AJ over the rope. Riddle is at 20 as still no big moments or real stars in this Rumble so far with 2/3 gone already.

    4:30 am
    By Lee McAteer

    The Rumble rolls on

    Sheamus enters at 17 and fails to save Ridge Holland before taking on AJ. Rick Boogz is at 18. Still waiting for a big surprise in this rumble, perhaps a forbidden door entry…

    4:25 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Omos is out!

    After getting Priest out of the match, Omos is ganged up on by everybody else with AJ making the final forearm out! We are halfway through with Corbin at 15- Still not a surprise entry in the first half of the rumble.

    4:20 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Omos enters and dominates the Rumble!

    The first Giant of the match enters as Omos takes care of The Street Profits with easy before throwing AJ into the post. Still a slower pace to this rumble.

    4:17 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Johnny Knoxville enters the Rumble!

    Knoxville enters with his Jackass crew in toe and takes down Sami Zayn by himself! He squares up to Aj Styles, before being dropped with a backfirst, splashed by Ford and eliminated by Zayn. Wonder if that makes the movie?

    4:15 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Men’s Rumble Continues

    Montez Ford, Damien Priest and Sami Zayn have all entered but not alot of action so far in this rumble.

    4:07 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Austin Theory at 3, Robert Roode at 4., Ridge Holland at 5

    A slower start to the Rumble, Bobby Roode is the 1st out with Nakamura following afterwards.

    4:00 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Men’s Royal Rumble Starts now!

    Only the Men’s Royal Rumble left to go on what has been an action packed event so far! Hopefully it is as action packed as the women’s! We open with AJ Styles 1 & Nakamura 2. Let’s hope for some of that New Japan Magic from these two!



    3:52 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Edge & Beth Phoneix defeat Miz & Maryse.

    Maryse hits a fantastic hurricanrana onto Edge which leads to a close 2 for the Miz on Edge! Edge and Beth are able to reverse a double Skull Crushing Finally into a double spear & then into a double Glam Slam for the win! A match that started the slow but had a fun ending!

    3:45 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Edge & Beth Phoniex vs Maryse & The Miz continues

    A slowly paced match again, with Miz & Maryse trying to escape the power of Edge and Beth as expected. Beth and Miz have a nice face off which results in Beth stomping Miz down in the corner!

    3:40 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Edge & Beth Phoniex vs Maryse & The Miz

    After some nice couple entrances, Maryse and Beth start the match off with a chase around the ring before Miz and Edge get in to start the match in full!

    3:29 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Bobby Lashley wins the WWE championship!

    Lashley takes advantage of Reigns attack & Heyman’s betrayal to get the pinfall on Lesnar. The era of the Almighty has returned! Roman & Heyman leave together as Bobby celebrates and Brock recovers from what just happened. A fun battle with a huge twist ending. Can we see a beast in the Rumble?

    3:25 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Roman takes out Brock and reunites with Heyman!

    Brock goes to deliver F5 to Bobby but hits the ref on the way. Roman appears and spears Lesnar! Roman shares a look with Heyman, who gives him the title belt to hit Brock! What a turn!

    3:15 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Lashley goes crashing through the barricade

    Lashley goes to spear Lesnar through the barricade, a repeat of their encounter at Day 1 but Brock has it scouted and Bobby goes flying through the barricade: Advantage Brock!

    3:16 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Lashley vs Brock starts

    After a long build up, Lesnar vs Lashley starts by test of strength which both men landing big suplexes on each other before getting back to their feet. A big fight feel between these two!

    3:10 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship

    A clash 20 years in the making is finally about to happen with The Beast vs The Almighty going to collide for the biggest prize in Sport Entertainment. Let’s see if the Almighty Era can reign again or if Suplex City is here to stay!

    3:00 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Becky Lynch retains the RAW women’s title!

    Becky wins following an Alabama Slam from the 2nd rope! A decent match but hurt by a tired and distracted crowd. Hopefully the crowd can be back for the upcoming matches!

    2:50 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Becky Lynch vs Doudrop

    The battle for the Raw Women’s title has started! A slower paced match with a distracted crowd due to the WrestleMania signing catching fire above the crowd. But hopefully that can be sorted and both women can get the crowd into the match!

    2:41 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Ronda Rousey Returns to win the 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble!

    Ronda gets the better of Charlotte and throws her over the top to win the Royal Rumble! Ronda will be headlining WrestleMania 38! The question now is if she faces Becky Lynch or Charlotte Fair for their respective titles.

    An enjoyable rumble with a fantastic surprise with Ronda returning to win it all! A great ending with Ronda and Shayna teaming up to dominant the field, a great showing from Rhea Ripley and Mickie James made the Impact she would have wanted!

    A few shocks with Sasha being eliminated so early on and the short appearances from returning stars like Melina and Ivory. But a good amount of returning stars and a big Ronda return make it a thumbs up Rumble!

    2:40 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Fair to end the Royal Rumble

    We are down to two as Charlotte eliminates both Bianca and Shanya at the same time! Charlotte: Rousey, here we go!

    2:35 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Women’s Royal Rumble Final 4

    We are done to four as Charlotte eliminates Rhea Ripley!  Charlotte, Ronda, BelAir and Baszler all compete to main event WrestleMania! Who will it be?

    2:35 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Shanya Baszler enters at 30 & teams with Ronda!

    The Four Horsewoman of MMA are back as Baszler & Ronda team up to takeout the field! We are down to 6 of Ronda, Charlotte,Rhea ,Baszler, Lita and Bianca.

    2:31 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Rousey in the Rumble!

    The dynamic flips in the rumble as Ronda dominates the field! Brie eliminates Nikki before Rousey throw her over the top too! Shotzi enters at 29. Only 30 left, who can enter to stop Ronda now??

    2:30 am
    By Lee McAteer



    2:25 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Lita & Molly Holly turn back the clock!

    Lita enters at 26 & goes straight for Charlotte to continue their budding feud. Molly Holly returns at 27, but is attacked by Nikki.A.S.H before she has chance to enter the ring.

    2:20 am
    By Lee McAteer

    More Returns at the Rumble!

    Summer Rea returns but it is not a summer day as she is out in 30 seconds by Charlotte and Natalya. Nikki returns at number 24 and teams up with Brie to fight the field. Sarah Logan returns at 25! Riott Squad vs Bella twins ends with Bellas eliminating Logan and Morgan.

    2:15 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Mickie James enters! What an Impact!

    The Forbidden Door is open as Mickie James enters to her Impact Theme and with the Knockouts Title in Tow! She eliminates MCool straight away. She knows how to make an Impact!

    2:10 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Brie Mode as Brie Bella returns

    Yes chants fill the stadium as Brie Bella returns!

    2:10 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Sonya elminates Naomi as Ivory Returns!

    Just as Naomi was about to pull of a Rumble moment saving herself from elimination, Sonya appears and drags Naomi off the apron!

    Ivory returns with her Right To Censor music! She calls all the competitors  ” Little Girls” before getting eliminated mid-speech by Ripley.

    2:07 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Rhea Ripley dominates as Charlotte enters!

    Rhea enters at 16 and does a quick double elimination on Zelina and Carmella. Charlotte enters at 17 and eliminates Aliyah with ease. Two big favorites are in the rumble!

    2:00 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Cameron is back!

    In quite the surprise, Cameron from the Funkadactyls is back but is eliminated by Sonya finally entering the ring!  Naomi enters next and checks on her Funkadactyls partner before eliminating Sonya herself!

    1:55 am
    By Lee McAteer

    The Women’s Rumble Continues

    Dana Brooke enters with Reggie, followed by Michelle Mcool. Dana Brooke is eliminated as Sonya Deville is back for her 2nd match since 2020- she joins the commentary team without even going in the ring.

    1:50 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Sasha Banks is Elminated!

    As Liv Morgan and Queen Zelina enter, Zelina takes advantages of Sasha being over the rope with a push and eliminates the Boss. A early shock here in the rumble! Last year’s winner of Bianca Belair enters at 8!

    1:45 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Kelly Kelly is 4

    Kelly Kelly is back at number 4 for her 2nd Rumble, but it is a short visit again as she is eliminated by Sasha- Aliyah enters at number 5.

    1:41 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Sasha is 1 & Melina is back at 2!

    Our 1st return of the night as Melina makes her WWE return at 2 in the rumble! She starts with The Boss Sasha Banks.

    It is a short return for Melina as she is out in 30 seconds! Thanks for coming Melina! Sasha attacks Melina on the outside as Tamina enters at 3.

    1:40 am
    By Lee McAteer

    The Women’s Royal Rumble starts now!

    The 1st rumble of the night is here! Will Charlotte got all the way and pick her own opponent for her Smackdown Women’s Title at Mania? Which surprise will we have in store? How will Impact Champion Mickie James do in in another companies match? Let’s find out!

    1:35 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Roman is still your Universal Champion

    Sadly, no Ambrose but Roman extends his record breaking run for another day. The story is not over yet between these two!

    1:30 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Roman attacks after the match

    Roman lays waste to Rollins with many chair shots! If only a certain lunatic fringe could save him…

    1:25 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Seth Rollins Wins Via DQ

    A fantastic back & forth end with Roman getting DQed due to holding his guillotine choke on after Seth grabbed the bottom rope. Seth Rollins wins but Roman Reigns is still your Universal Champion.

    1:20 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Rollins vs Reigns

    A fast paced start to this battle! Rollins puts Roman through the announce table with a shield power bomb & almost has the win with a stomp but Reigns hangs on!

    1:05 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Rollins Enters as the Shield!

    Seth Rollins enters in his 2014 Shield Gear through the crowd! The Shield Theme is back as Seth enters through the WWE Universe! What mind games from Rollins as Roman shows fear in the ring. How will this affect the mindset of The Tribal Chief just before this title defense?

    1:05 pm
    By Lee McAteer

    Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins!

    We are opening the night hot with the Universal Championship match of Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins!

    The Tribal Chief vs Seth ‘ Freakin’ Rollins to see which of the former Shield brothers can walk into WrestleMania 38 as Universal Champion!

    1:00 am
    By Lee McAteer

    Here We Go!

    The 2022 Royal Rumble Starts Now! From a Sold Out The Dome at America’s Center in St. Louis, Missouri! We have a packed card with Two Royal Rumble Matches, Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship, Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship and so much more! Let’s do it!

    12:58 am
    By Lee McAteer

    The Road to WrestleMania Starts Now!

    Let’s get ready to rumble! The Royal Rumble 2022 starts now! We are live at the Hooked On Wrestling Watch Along Event in Manchester to bring your live results of the 2022 Royal Rumble!

    With only 63 days to go until WrestleMania 38, The Road to WrestleMania starts tonight! Who will be punching their tickets to main eventing WrestleMania Night 1 & 2? Tweet us at @WrestlingTravel with your predictions and to experience WrestleMania for yourself, go to https://wrestlingtravel.com



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