• WWE Network Set to Close Its Doors by the End of 2024

    Published on January 25, 2024

    WWE Network Set To Close Its Doors By The End Of 2024.

    In a seismic shift for wrestling fans worldwide, WWE has announced the closure of its famed WWE Network outside the United States by the end of 2024. This move comes as part of a groundbreaking deal between WWE and Netflix, reshaping the landscape of sports entertainment consumption as we know it.

    The crux of this transformative agreement revolves around Netflix becoming the exclusive streaming platform for WWE’s flagship show, Monday Night Raw, starting January 2025. Not stopping there, Netflix has secured rights to air all WWE programming in key territories including the US, UK, Canada, Latin America, and various international markets. This marks a significant departure from the traditional broadcast model, placing WWE content squarely within the realm of streaming giants.

    The intricate deal also signals a notable shift in how wrestling enthusiasts consume their favorite bouts and moments. With Netflix poised to take the reins as the primary hub for WWE content globally, fans can expect a seamless transition from the soon-to-be-defunct WWE Network to the streaming behemoth’s platform. From SmackDown to NXT and Pay-Per-Views, Netflix will become the go-to destination for wrestling aficionados outside the United States.

    However, questions loom over the fate of WWE’s library and Pay-Per-Views in the US market post-March 2026, as WWE’s existing partnership with Peacock is set to expire. While the specifics remain murky, WWE will undoubtedly be on the lookout for a new home for its extensive catalogue of past matches and events.

    Renowned wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer shed light on the impending changes during a recent segment on Wrestling Observer Radio. Meltzer elucidated that while Netflix is poised to assume control over WWE Network’s international operations, certain regions like India, Australia, Japan, and the Middle East will retain their separate media rights deals.

    “In March 2026, when the Peacock deal ends, the US aspect of it…pretty much the United States and I think wherever else… they’ve already signed it, I think Middle East, Middle East might be the other one. India might be that, also. But for most of the world, they’re going to be taking over the WWE Network,” Meltzer explained.

    The closure of WWE Network outside the United States signals the end of an era for wrestling fans who have grown accustomed to its robust offering of past and present content. As Netflix steps into the spotlight, the streaming service’s prowess in delivering high-quality entertainment bodes well for the future of WWE programming on the global stage.

    While uncertainties linger regarding the archival content’s fate, one thing remains certain: WWE’s partnership with Netflix marks a bold step towards revolutionizing how fans engage with sports entertainment. As the final curtain falls on WWE Network outside the United States, a new chapter unfolds, promising an exciting era of wrestling entertainment in the digital age.

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