• Booker T talks about recent Kenny Omega comments

    Published on September 26, 2019

    Photo credit: M.Griffith

    WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently addressed Kenny Omega’s recent comments stating that All Elite Wrestling has real stars versus NXT being filled with developmental talent. He addressed Omega’s statements on an episode of his Hall of Fame podcast. 

    Booker T explained that Omega has “[…] got two hats he’s wearing in the company, and he made some disparaging comments about the talent in NXT, but I was reading earlier that he was talking in character and that a lot of those guys are his friends. My thing is this, does Kenny Omega have the right to say that? If you’re in character, is it okay to say that? When shouldn’t you be in character? When you’re talking to a reporter or someone in the media, should you be in character or not?”

    As far as Booker T is concerned, staying in character is important when “working the masses” because, as a performer, every wrestler wants to make it as real as possible: 

    “When ‘working’ the masses, you always want to try and stay in character and make it as real as you possibly can to try and create something. I think Kenny Omega, when saying something like that and being in character and trying to create something, then all of the sites pick it up. [Omega is like,] ‘Hey, I did my job.’ He didn’t disrespect anybody. When he sees those guys, he goes, ‘Man, I was just playing. I’m working. That’s all I’m doing. It’s a work.’”

    All Elite Wrestling premieres their debut episode of AEW: Dynamite next week on October 2nd.

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