• Top 5 Raw Moments: 1st June 2020

    Published on June 3, 2020

    On the road to the next WWE pay-per-view offering, Backlash, in two weeks, Raw emanated once again from the WWE Performance Centre in Orlando, FL. Plexiglass and WWE trainees used as audience members once again.

    Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Moments!

    R-Truth Pins Gronk

    Just as 24/7 Champion Rob Gronkowski was ready to create a new TikTok video outside of his home, the former 24/7 Champion and the master of disguise, R-Truth, visited his home dressed as a landscaper and ended up rolling up Gronk to reclaim ‘his baby’! R-Truth is once again the 24/7 Champion!

    Apollo Chooses KO

    The new United States Champion, Apollo Crews, on the heels of winning the title last week, declared that he chooses Kevin Owens as his first opponent as new champion. Although, Angel Garza and Andrade interrupted the moment, and instead a tag team was set-up between KO & Apollo vs. Garza & Andrade, resulting in Owens & Apollo picking up the win.

    Nia The Villain

    Nia Jax made it clear that she’s going to expose Asuka for who she really is at Backlash, as Nia feels she was gifted the title and it wasn’t earned. Nia made a clear statement by also defeating Asuka’s friend, Kairi Sane, in a one-on-one match.

    Lashley Fully Focused

    WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre faced Lashley’s associate MVP in the main event of Raw. Lana, the former lover of Lashley, was at ringside to watch the action unfold as she slapped MVP earlier in the night, as he has come between the pair. McIntyre successfully defeated MVP, but as soon as the match was over, Lashley entered the ring and locked McIntyre in a Full Nelson which McIntyre seemed unable to get out of.

    Dominik Wants Rollins

    Seth Rollins delivered a Retirement Ceremony for Rey Mysterio mocking the master of the 619’s legacy. Later in the night, Mysterio appeared on-screen with his son, Dominik, as Mysterio provided an update on his status. Mysterio, sporting an eye patch from the vicious assault from Rollins a few weeks ago, stated that he may be cleared in a few weeks, but Mysterio’s son Dominik who said someone from the family should get retribution and seemingly indicated he wanted a piece of Rollins.

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