• Eco-friendly WWE Championship debuts

    Published on January 30, 2019

    Bryan came out with Erick Rowan to gloat about his successful title defence against AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble. Bryan said the WWE Championship belt is a symbol of excellence, but it is also a symbol of excess.

    He called the WWE title gaudy and said it’s made from cheap labour and bound to the skin of a cow whose life was taken from her. Bryan named that cow Daisy. Daisy had the ability to feel immense joy and also the ability to feel insufferable pain. Daisy gave her life for a symbol that he stands against. Bryan dumped the WWE Championship belt in the trash.

    When he became WWE Champion, Bryan vowed to change the world. To do so, he said we need new symbols. He then revealed a new title belt made from 100{fd0d17938b9af1e89bbb54363afbdf55ec82b4a7f0e3f4e9de84384852b85838} sustainable organic hemp and the oak from a tree that fell naturally.
    Bryan declared the hemp WWE Championship the new symbol of excellence.

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