• AEW WrestleDream Results: A Night of Tribute and Spectacle

    Published on October 2, 2023

    AEW WrestleDream Results: In the world of professional wrestling, there are moments that transcend the confines of the squared circle and become something truly special. AEW WrestleDream, the first-ever pay-per-view event of its kind, was one of those moments. Held in honor of the late Japanese legend Antonio Inoki, whose influence reverberated through the wrestling world for decades, WrestleDream was a night of tribute, excitement, and unforgettable matches.

    The Stacked Match Card

    Despite a minor setback due to Adam Cole‘s ankle injury, the event promised a stacked match card that had wrestling fans buzzing with anticipation. One of the most awaited bouts was the dream match between Bryan Danielson and Zack Sabre Jr., which finally became a reality. Let’s dive into the highlights of this historic night.

    Zero Hour: A Prelude to Greatness

    The Zero Hour pre-show kicked off the night with a mix of emotion and action. Tony Khan, alongside Inoki’s grandsons and NJPW stars Rocky Romero and Katsuyori Shibata, set the stage for the night’s proceedings, paying tribute to the legendary Inoki. The opening match, an eight-person mixed tag match, saw Satoshi Kojima’s team emerging victorious, with Kojima nailing Swerve Strickland with a spinning forearm.

    Jon Moxley accompanied Claudio Castagnoli to the ring for a technical masterclass that followed. Castagnoli secured a well-deserved win with a pin and received a nod of respect from Barnett afterward. The third match featured Luchasaurus taking on Nick Wayne, with Luchasaurus emerging victorious with a powerful blow to the head. The pre-show wrapped up with The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass defending their trios titles against TMDK, with Max Caster sealing the victory for his team.

    MJF vs. The Righteous: A Comedy of Cheats

    MJF defended his ROH Tag Team Championship against The Righteous in a handicap match, and from the start, it was clear that this bout was all about entertainment. MJF embraced his “scumbag” persona, combining cheating tactics with comedic moments that had the crowd thoroughly entertained. Notable highlights included MJF’s quest to slam Dutch, pop-worthy moves like clotheslines and body slams, and comedic spots like grabbing Vincent below the belt.

    Eddie Kingston vs. Katsuyori Shibata: A Hard-Hitting Tribute

    Eddie Kingston and Katsuyori Shibata delivered a match that paid the ultimate tribute to Antonio Inoki. These two legends, known for their hard-hitting styles, engaged in a fierce battle that showcased their respect for Inoki. Strikes, mutual respect, and adherence to the rules were the hallmarks of this contest. Kingston ultimately secured the win, and both competitors exchanged a handshake and a bow in the spirit of sportsmanship.

    Kris Statlander vs. Julia Hart: TBS Championship Drama

    The TBS Championship was on the line as Kris Statlander defended her title against Julia Hart, who entered with a 28-match win streak. Statlander’s size and power advantage clashed with Hart’s aggression, resulting in a hard-fought contest. Statlander’s multiple tombstone piledrivers proved insurmountable for Hart, leading to a successful title defense.

    The Young Bucks vs. Lucha Bros vs. Hook and Orange Cassidy vs. The Gunns: Tag Team Chaos

    In a Fatal 4-Way tag match to determine the next No. 1 contenders to the AEW tag titles, all four teams brought their A-game. The action was fast-paced, with multiple near-falls and high spots that had the crowd on its feet. After a thrilling sequence of counters and superkicks, The Young Bucks secured the victory by pinning Penta El Zero Miedo with the BTE Trigger.

    Swerve Strickland vs. “Hangman” Adam Page: A Grudge Match of Pride

    Swerve Strickland and “Hangman” Adam Page engaged in a heated grudge match that showcased their tension and animosity. The crowd’s vocal engagement added to the intensity of the bout. Swerve’s victory marked a significant moment in his AEW career, with the match delivering on its promise as an instant classic.

    Ricky Starks vs. Wheeler Yuta: Aggression Meets Technique

    Ricky Starks and Wheeler Yuta delivered a different style of match, marked by aggression and technical prowess. Both wrestlers displayed their mean streaks and engaged in a hard-hitting contest that followed the instant classic before it. Starks secured the win with a Spear and his finisher.

    Bryan Danielson vs. Zack Sabre Jr.: A Technical Masterpiece

    One of the most highly anticipated matches of the night, Bryan Danielson vs. Zack Sabre Jr., delivered a technical wrestling masterpiece. The match started slowly, with both competitors showcasing their counters and submission skills. As the match progressed, the intensity and brutality escalated. In the end, Danielson secured a hard-fought victory with two running knees in a match that will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the year’s best.

    The Don Callis Family vs. Chris Jericho and the Golden Lovers: Trios Mayhem

    A trios match featuring Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, and Kota Ibushi facing off against Konosuke Takeshita, Sammy Guevara, and Will Ospreay promised chaos, and it delivered. Subplots and rivalries intertwined as the match escalated into pure mayhem. The match ended with Guevara getting the pin for his team.

    FTR vs. Aussie Open: A Tag Team Classic

    FTR defended their AEW Tag Team Championships against Aussie Open in a physical and competitive contest. The rules were respected, making this a more straightforward wrestling affair. FTR retained their titles after hitting the Shatter Machine on Fletcher.

    Christian Cage vs. Darby Allin: An Epic 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

    The main event for AEW WrestleDream featured Christian Cage defending the TNT Championship against Darby Allin in a 2-out-of-3 Falls match. The storytelling in this bout was top-notch, with Allin securing the first fall using Cage’s turtleneck against him. Cage responded by forcing a countout for the second fall, setting up a dramatic finale. The match featured high-impact moves, including a Coffin Drop on the wooden boards, but Cage ultimately retained the title with a controversial win.

    A Night to Remember

    AEW WrestleDream was far from a perfect PPV, but it was a night that will be fondly remembered by wrestling fans. It offered something for everyone—technical clinics, intense rivalries, surprises, and memorable women’s wrestling. Each match told a unique story and provided entertainment in its own way.

    As fans, we are left with lasting memories of this historic event, proving once again that professional wrestling has the power to create moments that transcend the sport itself. WrestleDream was not just a tribute to Antonio Inoki; it was a testament to the enduring magic of professional wrestling.

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