• WWE NXT Results from 15/08/2023: Setting the Stage for Heatwave

    Published on August 16, 2023

    With just one week before Heatwave, WWE NXT delivered a show packed with anticipation and excitement on August 15. The upcoming event promised intense rivalries and championship clashes, and this episode was all about setting the stage for the big event.

    NXT Tag Team Championships: The Family (c) vs. The Dyad (w/ Schism)

    The night kicked off with a battle for the NXT Tag Team Championships as The Family defended against The Dyad. The match was competitive, showcasing the skills of both teams. However, distractions at ringside played a significant role in the outcome. Ivy Nile’s interference allowed The Creed Brothers, masked and underhanded, to assist Tony D’Angelo in stealing the victory with a uranage. Despite the distractions, the action was solid, though it’s clear that The Family needs more competition in the tag team division.

    Dana Brooke vs. Blair Davenport

    Dana Brooke took on Blair Davenport in a match that showed both the strengths and shortcomings of these competitors. Dana’s transition to a darker character was evident, but it felt forced at times. Despite some miscues, Davenport secured the win with a running knee strike, solidifying her position as a potential title contender in the women’s division.

    Result: Blair Davenport defeated Dana Brooke via Pinfall.

    Trick Williams vs. Drew Gulak

    Trick Williams faced Drew Gulak in a contest that showcased Trick’s abilities without his partner Carmelo Hayes at ringside. Despite potential distractions, Trick managed a dominant victory, sealing the win with his signature move, Whoop That Trick. The victory served as a confidence boost for Trick ahead of his upcoming match against Ilja Dragunov.

    Result: Trick Williams defeated Drew Gulak via Pinfall.

    Von Wagner Talks Baron Corbin Into a Match at Heatwave

    Von Wagner confronted Baron Corbin, leading to a confrontation that saw Wagner’s intensity shine through. While Corbin’s new gimmick may not have made a big impact, his interactions with Wagner showcased his ability to elevate the talent around him. This segment set the stage for a match between Wagner and Corbin at Heatwave, providing both superstars with a chance to shine.

    Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio’s Challenges

    Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio issued challenges to Lyra Valkyria and Dragon Lee for a mixed tag team match at Heatwave. While Ripley and Mysterio displayed their determination, Valkyria and Lee struggled to get on the same page, hinting at potential dissension within their ranks.

    Mustafa Ali’s Big Announcement

    Mustafa Ali delivered a compelling pre-taped promo in a political style, promising to elevate the prestige of the North American Championship. Ali’s eyes remained firmly on the championship held by Dominik Mysterio, hinting at a potential showdown in the future.

    Wes Lee vs. Dijak

    Wes Lee faced Dijak in a physical and intense battle. Both competitors showcased their resilience and vulnerability throughout the match. Eddy Thorpe’s interference played a role in the match’s outcome, with Lee ultimately securing the victory. The match was a highlight of the night, and Lee’s win sets the stage for future opportunities and potential rematches.

    Result: Wes Lee defeated Dijak via Pinfall to become the NEW Number 1 Contender for the NXT Championship

    Tyler Bate vs. Joe Coffey

    Tyler Bate faced Joe Coffey, but the match was disrupted by Dabba-Kato’s interference. Kato’s presence added an element of unpredictability, and while the match was short, it showcased Bate’s resilience in the face of a dominant force.

    Result: Tyler Bate defeated Joe Coffey via Disqualification.

    Jacy Jayne vs. Thea Hail

    Jacy Jayne defeated Thea Hail in a match that displayed both wrestlers’ skills and highlighted their ongoing storylines. While the match went longer than necessary, it allowed Jayne to secure a victory through a roll-up. Both competitors showcased their abilities, though Jayne’s offense felt somewhat repetitive.

    Jacy Jayne defeated Thea Hail via Pinfall.

    Wes Lee’s Contract Signing with Carmelo Hayes

    Wes Lee and Carmelo Hayes engaged in a contract signing ahead of their NXT Championship match at Heatwave. Lee’s determination and passion were evident, and despite being positioned as the heel, he came across as the determined challenger. Lee’s aggressive actions, including stomping through the contract signing table, emphasized his determination to claim the title.

    Overall Show and Setting the Stage for Heatwave

    The August 15 episode of WWE NXT served as a building show for the upcoming Heatwave event. While not every match was outstanding, the night was effective in advancing storylines and setting the stage for significant clashes at Heatwave. Wes Lee’s feud with Carmelo Hayes, Von Wagner’s confrontation with Baron Corbin, and the various challenges issued throughout the night created anticipation for the upcoming event.

    The NXT roster’s rising stars and fresh talent have the opportunity to shine on the big stage, and if the build-up pays off, Heatwave could mark a breakthrough moment for NXT. As the ratings continue to rise and the brand gains momentum, fans can look forward to exciting moments and memorable matches in the weeks to come.

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