• WWE NXT Results – 29/08/2023: Building the Future of the Gold Brand

    Published on August 30, 2023

    WWE NXT Results – The August 29 edition of WWE NXT marked a crucial step in shaping the future of the gold brand. The night was packed with intense matches, surprising twists, and the determination of superstars looking to make their mark.

    Determining Tiffany Stratton’s Next Challenger

    The night kicked off with anticipation as a Fatal 4-Way match unfolded to decide the next challenger for Tiffany Stratton’s NXT Women’s Championship. The competitors ā€“ Roxanne Perez, Blair Davenport, Gigi Dolin, and Kiana James ā€“ showcased their skills in a battle that demonstrated their hunger for the championship. In a surprising turn, Kiana James emerged victorious, securing her chance to face Tiffany Stratton for the title.

    The Creed Brothers’ Redemption

    A steel cage match took center stage as The Creed Brothers, Julius and Brutus, battled The Dyad in a bid to regain their NXT futures. The intensity of the match was palpable as the Creed Brothers fought to win back their positions. Brutus Creed’s absence from the action added a unique dynamic to the match, but his eventual return marked a turning point. With a display of incredible teamwork and determination, the Creed Brothers secured victory, earning their reinstatement to NXT. This match not only showcased their resilience but also marked a fitting end to their feud with Joe Gacy and Schism.

    Eddy Thorpe’s Pursuit of Revenge

    Eddy Thorpe sought retribution as he faced off against Dijak, his fierce rival. The match was a brutal showdown, with both competitors giving their all to claim victory. Dijak resorted to underhanded tactics, using a steel chair to gain an advantage. Despite the chaotic nature of the bout, Dijak managed to secure the win, further intensifying the rivalry between the two.

    The Global Heritage Invitational Unfolds

    The Global Heritage Invitational took center stage, aiming to determine the next contender for Noam Dar’s Heritage Cup. The matches were intense, with Nathan Frazer taking on Joe Coffey and Butch making his return to NXT against Charlie Dempsey. Butch emerged victorious, showcasing his technical prowess and earning two points in Group A. The invitational’s round-robin format promised exciting matchups and the potential for surprising outcomes.

    Ilja Dragunov Faces New Challenges

    Ilja Dragunov’s journey took an unexpected turn as he was interrupted by Noam Dar and Meta-Four during a challenge to Carmelo Hayes. Oro Mensah accepted the challenge to face Dragunov, leading to a brawl between the two. While the interruption seemed odd, it provided Mensah with an opportunity to shine and set the stage for future developments.

    Notable Moments and Promising Matchups

    Throughout the night, several memorable moments unfolded:

    • Julius Creed’s impressive one-arm powerbomb and teamwork with Brutus.
    • Butch’s victory over Dempsey in the Global Heritage Invitational.
    • The ongoing feud between Melo and Dragunov, setting the stage for a potential rematch.
    • Exciting matchups and surprising outcomes in the Global Heritage Invitational.

    Conclusion and Future Prospects

    The August 29 edition of WWE NXT delivered an action-packed night of wrestling, showcasing the determination and passion of its superstars. The Creed Brothers’ redemption, Kiana James’ championship opportunity, and the unfolding Global Heritage Invitational added layers of excitement and anticipation. As the NXT brand continues to evolve, these developments promise a compelling journey leading up to No Mercy on September 30.


    Q1: Who emerged victorious in the Fatal 4-Way match? A: Kiana James secured the victory in the Fatal 4-Way match and earned the opportunity to challenge Tiffany Stratton for the NXT Women’s Championship.

    Q2: What unique elements were featured in The Creed Brothers’ steel cage match? A: The match between The Creed Brothers and The Dyad featured the absence of Brutus Creed from the action for a portion of the bout. The use of the steel cage door as a weapon and the teamwork between the Creed Brothers were notable highlights.

    Q3: What is the Global Heritage Invitational? A: The Global Heritage Invitational is a tournament designed to determine the next contender for Noam Dar’s Heritage Cup. The tournament follows a round-robin format and features a lineup of talented competitors.

    Q4: What challenges and opportunities does Ilja Dragunov face? A: Ilja Dragunov faced an interruption from Noam Dar and Meta-Four during his challenge to Carmelo Hayes. He also accepted a match against Oro Mensah, which promises to provide Mensah with a chance to shine and potentially set up future storylines.

    Q5: What can fans expect in the upcoming weeks? A: The NXT brand is poised for exciting developments, including the continuation of feuds, matchups in the Global Heritage Invitational, and potential rematches. The stage is set for a compelling journey leading up to No Mercy on September 30.

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