• WWE Monday Night Raw Unleashes the Pre-WarGames Fury

    Published on November 21, 2023

    The latest episode of WWE Raw set the stage for a prelude to the impending WarGames with a lineup of intense matchups and storyline escalations. Drew McIntyre kicked off the show with an impassioned speech, addressing his feud with Jey Uso and clarifying his stance with The Judgment Day faction.

    The verbal sparring escalated, leading to a faceoff between McIntyre and Uso’s teams, culminating in Adam Pearce stepping in to prevent an all-out brawl and adding stakes for the upcoming WarGames event.

    Notable throughout the night were intriguing matches, including Raquel Rodriguez facing off against Nia Jax in a power-packed showdown. The encounter showcased Rodriguez’s resilience but ultimately ended in Jax’s victory due to her sheer size advantage.

    Another highlight was Becky Lynch’s clash with Xia Li, a gripping encounter that highlighted Li’s prowess despite her loss. The match set the stage for a broader brawl involving Damage CTRL and Lynch’s teammates.

    In the ring, Johnny Gargano clashed with Ludwig Kaiser in a thrilling encounter, demonstrating their seasoned chemistry and delivering an engaging performance.

    The Women’s Tag Team No. 1 Contender’s Fatal 4-Way match brought an array of teams vying for a title shot, ultimately won by Natalya and Tegan Nox, setting the stage for an intense title chase.

    The night also witnessed Shinsuke Nakamura’s triumph over Chad Gable in a hard-fought battle, displaying Gable’s skills while securing another victory for The Artist.

    The climax of the evening featured McIntyre and Uso in a high-stakes match determining WarGames’ advantage team. McIntyre secured a decisive win with a surprising choice of finisher, intensifying the rivalry between the two teams as chaos ensued to close the show.

    The show’s overall presentation delivered engaging matches, character developments, and heightened tensions ahead of the impending pay-per-view event. With the return of Randy Orton announced, the anticipation for WarGames is at an all-time high.

    Despite some predictable moments and the occasional forced narrative progression, the show maintained an entertaining momentum throughout, promising an action-packed WarGames and keeping the WWE universe on the edge of their seats.

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