• WT Blog LIVE: Royal Rumble 2020

    Published on January 26, 2020

    Photo credit: WWE

    This is the WT Royal Rumble LIVE blog. @DannyWol11 will be blogging the event from start to finish. Scroll down for latest updates.

    12:00AM UK – Here we go. The 2020 Royal Rumble is about to begin LIVE from Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas. The most exciting and unpredictable night of the year is upon us. You can follow @WrestlingTravel for live updates of the event also headed up by @JoeBaia.

    12:04AM UK – No pyro, but plenty of lasers inside Minute Maid Park. The venue looks spectacular. WT rep @TheBigDaddyKal is there with plenty of our Wrestling Travel travellers. Let’s go!

    12:05AM UK – Falls Count Anywhere Match between Roman Reigns and King Corbin kicks us off.

    12:09AM UK – The Reigns/Corbin brawl starts on the entrance way as Corbin comes off his throne. I seriously hope Corbin ends up being forced fed dog food by the end of this match!

    12:13AM UK – Corbin in control so far. Steel steps used to take down Reigns outside of the ring. Now the announce tables are getting their first piece of action of the evening.

    12:14AM UK – Oh wait. Into the Houston crowd they go!

    12:16AM UK – Both men return to ringside. Corbin drives Reigns through the Spanish announce table!

    12:18AM UK – Back into the crowd Reigns & Corbin go. This match could end anywhere, but I’m still hoping Reigns pulls out some dog food from somewhere!

    12:21AM UK – A Samoan drop by Reigns to Corbin through a table which is being occupied by one of the foreign announce teams, still in the crowd. That one looked nasty.

    12:22AM UK – OH NO. Roode & Ziggler are here, as Reigns and Corbin are up near the equipment. It’s not looking good for the Big Dog.

    12:23AM UK – Here comes The Uso’s to even things up attacking Roode & Ziggler!

    12:26 AM UK – This brawl has been chaos but VERY entertaining so far. Now they’re fighting in front of some portable toilets. Could this be it, Reigns getting his revenge on Corbin for the dog food incident?!

    12:27AM UK – Reigns puts Corbin inside the portable toilet, and tips it over with Corbin still inside!

    12:31AM UK – Reigns spears Corbin, still in the crowd, in-front of one of the lower bowl sections, and gets the win in this Falls Count Anywhere match! Great brawl to kick off this event. Both men are in the Men’s Royal Rumble match later tonight.

    12:33AM UK – Backstage. Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe. Owens talks about his history in Houston. It’s every man for himself!

    12:34AM UK – Backstage interview with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. Sonya vows not throw Mandy over the top rope if it comes down to them two, but she will throw herself over the top rope instead. Sonya walks away, as Mandy seems to be pondering.

    12:35AM UK – The cameras pan to the announce desk where Michael Cole announces the passing of Kobe Bryant earlier today. Very sad news. WWE puts up a small montage dedicated to one of the greatest NBA players ever.

    12:37AM UK – It’s time for the 30-Women Royal Rumble Match!

    12:39AM UK – Alexa Bliss enters #1

    12:39AM UK – Bianca Belair of NXT enters #2. This should be good!


    12:43AM UK – Nikki Cross enters #4, Alexa Bliss is happy. Nobody has been eliminated yet. Cross & Bliss hug after taking down Belair & Mighty Molly.

    12:45AM UK – Lana enters #5 and she’s got something to say on the microphone! Lana says she’s going to win the Royal Rumble for her ‘hot, hot husband, Bobby Lashley’

    12:47AM UK – Mercedes Martinez enters #6. Still nobody eliminated just yet.

    12:49AM UK – LIV MORGAN ENTERS #7 and goes straight after Lana, and eliminates Lana straight away! Then Lana pulls Morgan down from the ropes and eliminates her. They brawl on the outside of the ring, before being separated by referees.

    12:51AM UK – ‘God’s Greatest Creation’ Mandy Rose enters #8. She’s looking phenomenal.

    12:52AM UK – NXT’s Candice LaRae enters #9. Mighty Molly is elimiated by Bianca Belair. Mandy is then eliminated but saved on the floor by OTIS! She’s still in the match! That was great.

    12:54AM UK – Sonya Deville enters #10

    12:56AM UK – Mercedes Martinez is eliminated, as Kairi Sane enters at #11.

    12:57AM UK – NXT’s Mia Yim enters #12

    12:59AM UK – Sonya & Mandy are eliminated, after Sonya inadvertently hit Mandy who was caught again by Otis. Sonya is then thrown out on top of Mandy. Otis drops both. Both are eliminated. Dana Brooke enters #13.

    01:01AM UK – Candace LaRae eliminated by Bianca Belair. Kairi Sane is eliminated.

    01:02AM UK – Tamina enters #14

    01:04AM UK – NXT’s Dakota Kai enters #15. Tegan Nox may be close by..

    01:04AM UK – Bliss, Kai, Dana & Belair currently left in the ring at the moment.

    01:05AM UK – NXT’s Chelsea Green enters #16. Green eliminates Kai, then Bliss eliminates Green. Belair then eliminates Brooke. We are back to entrants #1 and #2, Bliss & Belair.


    01:08AM UK – Charlotte Flair enters #17. Wooooooooo!

    01:09AM UK – FEEL THE GLOW! Naomi enters #18

    01:11AM UK – BETH PHOENIX ENTERS #19. The Hall of Famer is here!

    01:13AM UK – NXT UK’s Toni Storm is entrant #20. Toni, Toni, Toni F’n Storm!

    01:14AM UK – Flair eliminates Belair from the top rope! Incredible performance in this Rumble match by Belair.

    01:14AM UK – Kelly Kelly enters at #21. Holla Holla!

    01:16AM UK – Sarah Logan enters #22

    01:18AM UK – Kelly Kelly is eliminated by Charlotte Flair. Natalya enters #23

    01:19AM UK – NXT’s Xia Li enters #24

    01:21AM UK – Zelina Vega enters #25

    01:22AM UK – NXT’s Shotzi Blackheart enters #26. Gotta love that green hair! Naomi is almost eliminated – she manages to jump and hang onto the barricade. Amazing.

    01:24AM UK – Carmella enters #27. Naomi is now standing on the announce table as she watches the match continue. She’s still officially in the match.

    01:26AM UK – Charlotte is thrown through the ropes, not over. She’s still in the match. Wales’ own Tegan Nox enters #28

    01:28AM UK – Wait. Santina Marella, the winner of Miss WrestleMania at WrestleMania 25 in Houston, enters #29! Santina eliminates herself with The Cobra!


    01:32AM UK – We’re now down to Baszler, Beth & Natalya as the final three in the ring. Charlotte still on the outside.

    01:33AM UK – BETH ELIMINATES NATALYA. Then Baszler eliminates Beth.

    01:34AM UK – Baszler vs. Charlotte now as the final two!


    01:40AM UK – It’s time for the SmackDown Women’s Title Match; Bayley vs. Lacey Evans.

    01:49AM UK – Bayley has been in total control, as Lacey’s daughter watches from ringside.

    01:54AM UK – Bayley still in total control. Slow pace to this match. The crowd seem a little exhausted after that last match.

    01:56AM UK – After a small comeback from Lacey, Bayley retains the SmackDown Women’s Title. 247 days as Champion.

    01:58AM UK – Coming up next. “The Fiend” vs. Daniel Bryan for the Universal Championship in a Strap Match.

    02:01AM UK – Daniel Bryan is out first.

    02:04AM UK – Here comes ‘The Fiend’ – I love this entrance!

    02:08AM UK – The leather strap is attached to both men. This could get nasty for Bryan, especially the way Bray’s ‘The Fiend’ has been booked since it’s debut. No red light this time for this match.

    02:13AM UK – ‘The Fiend’ in control. A number of strikes already have battered Bryan’s back with the leather strap.

    02:17AM UK – Both men are on top of one of the announce tables, and Bryan plants a low blow & DDT, as he picks up the leather strap ready to leather ‘The Fiend’.

    02:21AM UK – This is one of the more even matches ‘The Fiend’ has had, Bryan has managed to get in some convincing moments where it looks like he has a big chance.

    02:24AM UK – The running knee by Bryan, but only gets a two-count! Everyone in the stadium is convinced maybe Bryan can do this. BUT ‘THE FIEND’ STANDS UP!

    02:26AM UK – And just like that. ‘The Fiend’ retains.

    02:34AM UK – Becky Lynch vs. Asuka for the Raw Women’s Title is next.

    02:48AM UK – This match has been very physical, and both women putting it all on the line. My money’s on Becky.

    02:53AM UK – For a moment there, it appeared the referee was going to stop the match, after a kick from Asuka to Becky looked like it legit caught her hard in the head. Match continues.

    02:56AM UK – Asuka went for the mist, but Becky locks in Asuka and makes her tap out. Becky Lynch retains her Raw Women’s Title. Becky finally beats Asuka.

    03:00AM UK – WrestleMania is just 70 days away. Our WrestleMania Classic Package is still on-sale for limited time only. Don’t miss out on the trip of a lifetime!

    03:02AM UK – As entertaining as they are, anyone else think The Street Profits are being wasted in this role? Get them in the ring, and doing promo’s out there!

    03:04AM UK – Booker T joins Michael Cole & Corey Graves. It’s time for the Men’s Royal Rumble Match. Rusev & Lashley have been removed from the match due to a brawl they had earlier today. Some spots are open.

    03:05AM UK – The WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar, enters the Royal Rumble Match #1. He’s accompanied by Paul Heyman.

    03:07AM UK – The guitar plays. Elias enters #2. What does WWE stand for?

    03:09AM UK – Elias singing walking down the ramp, and Brock Lesnar exits the ring and chases after him. Brock’s had enough. They head into the ring for the match to begin. Heyman passes Lesnar the guitar, and Brock hits Elias with it, and eliminates him.

    03:11AM UK – Erick Rowan entrant #3, carrying his covered up cage. Brock immediately eliminates Rowan.

    03:13AM UK – Robert Roode enters #4. Glorious. Lesnar F5’s Roode and eliminates him.

    03:15AM UK – John Morrison is entrant #5. Lesnar belly to belly’s Morrison over the top rope immediately. The WWE Champion, Lesnar absolutely dominating here.

    03:17AM UK – Entrant #6 is Kofi Kingston from The New Day. Revenge for his WWE Title loss from October? Kofi, Kofi, Kofi! Kofi gets in some offence, and the crowd is behind him.

    03:18AM UK – Entrant #7 is Rey Mysterio. Another man with a score to settle with Brock Lesnar. Kofi is still in the match, as Brock failed to eliminate him before Rey came out.

    03:20AM UK – Big E from The New Day is entering the Royal Rumble at #8. Kofi & Rey still in the match. They all join forces and go after Brock Lesnar. Big E gives Brock the Big Ending, Rey delivers a 619. Brock responds and eliminates Rey & Big E. Incredible by the WWE Champion.

    03:22AM UK – And now Lesnar dumps Kofi over the top rope. Cesaro is out next entrant #9. Brock almost immediately eliminates Cesaro.

    03:24AM UK – #10 is Shelton Benjamin. A longtime friend of Brock Lesnar. Brock and Shelton hug in the ring. For a moment it looked like they were joining forces, but Brock eliminates him.

    03:26AM UK – #11 comes Shinsuke Nakamura, being accompanied by Sami Zayn.

    03:26AM UK – Lesnar almost immediately eliminates Shinsuke Nakamura. How long will this go on? Who will eliminate Brock Lesnar?

    03:27AM UK – #12 MVP RETURNS! I’m comin’. Brock Lesnar is dancing to MVP’s theme as he makes his way to the ring. Brock gives MVP an F5 and sends him over the top rope. 11 eliminations by Brock Lesnar.

    03:29AM UK – NXT’s KEITH LEE is entrant #13. This will be interesting.

    03:31AM UK – Braun Strowman is entrant #14. This will be even more interesting. Lesnar, Lee & Strowman going at it!

    03:33AM UK – Lesnar eliminates both Strowman & Keith Lee at the same time! Ricochet enters at #15.

    03:35AM UK – Drew McIntyre enters #16. A favourite to win this match. Lesnar and Ricochet still in the match.

    03:36AM UK – DREW MCINTYRE ELIMINATES WWE CHAMPION BROCK LESNAR! Ricochet delivered a low-blow, then a Claymore Kick by Drew sent Lesnar crashing over the top rope! McIntyre then eliminates Ricochet.

    03:37AM UK – The Miz is entrant #17. McIntyre eliminates him with ease. McIntyre can’t keep his eyes off Lesnar who struggles outside of the ring.

    03:40AM UK – Entrant #18 is AJ Styles.

    03:41AM UK – Entrant #19 is Dolph Ziggler. McIntyre, Styles & Ziggler still all in the match.

    03:43AM UK – Karl Anderson is entrant #20, some help for AJ Styles.

    03:45AM UK – Entrant #21 is EDGE! HE’S BACK! WHAAAAAATTT!

    03:47AM UK – King Corbin is entrant #22. OH MY GOD, EDGE IS BACK!

    03:49AM UK – NXT’s Matt Riddle is entrant #23. EDGE IS F’IN BACK!

    03:50AM UK – Luke Gallows is entrant #24. EDGE IS BACK!!!!!! King Corbin is eliminated by Drew McIntyre.

    03:51AM UK – Randy Orton enters at #25, time for a Rated RKO reunion?

    03:53AM UK – #26 is The Big Dog, Roman Reigns!

    03:55AM UK – Reigns, Edge, McIntyre & Orton the men currently left in this match. Entrant #27 is Kevin Owens.

    03:57AM UK – Entrant #28 is Aleister Black. No further eliminations yet.

    03:58AM UK – Entrant #29 is Samoa Joe. Who will enter at #30? We’ll find out in a few moments.

    03:59AM UK – And #30 is Seth Rollins. The field is wide open. Who’s going to win this thing?!

    04:03AM UK – The final five: Drew McIntyre, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton & Edge.

    04:05AM UK – Seth Rollins eliminated by Drew McIntyre! Final four: Edge, Orton, Drew & Roman.




    04:11AM UK – So happy for Drew. What a memorable Men’s Royal Rumble Match! Wow!

    Thank you for joining us for the WT Blog Live: Royal Rumble 2020, we’ll see you next time!

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