• Wrestling Travel Meets: Royce Isaacs

    Published on June 1, 2020

    It feels slightly surreal when a 31-year-old pro wrestler can list a NWA Tag Title reign, studio matches against the Midnight Express and teaming with Scott Steiner among their recent accomplishments, but Royce Isaacs has done all that and more over the last few months, so we decided to catch up with the man that is not only Strictly Business, but also a complete Wild Card.

    As part of NWA Champion Nick Aldis’ stable, Isaacs has quickly become a staple on NWA Powerrr, alongside Thomas Latimer, Kamille and the aforementioned Big Poppa Pump.

    Entrusted with such a lofty position in Billy Corgan’s burgeoning throwback to territories era wrasslin’, Isaacs is a man on the rise and we’re confident more people will know his name in a post-quarantine wrestling world.


    The 31-year-old native of Denver, Colorado was kind enough to give us a few minutes of his time recently to discuss quarantine, inspirations, plans for the future and Rick Rude selling atomic drops…

    Wrestling Travel: First of all, how have you been finding quarantine and have you been doing anything in particular to keep busy?

    Royce Isaacs: Quarantine is what it is man. It’s a bummer but I’m staying safe and healthy. Working out at home and watching a lot of shows. I have a podcast that will be coming out, Anomalia (@anomaliapodcast on twitter). It’s a true crime podcast, the first episode should drop soon. Really staying on top of my diet of course. Shout out to Tiger King for the entertainment as well.

    WT: If you could only watch one wrestler’s matches during quarantine, who would it be and why?

    RI: It would just be sequential gifs from that Rick Rude selling atomic drops account.


    WT: You’ve had the honour of tagging against the Rock N Roll Express on NWA Powerrr, this year. How surreal was it to experience that in 2020?

    RI: Man, nail on the head. Surreal. I’m really glad to have gotten this experience and hopefully we can do it again in 2021.

    WT: Did you receive any words of wisdom from Ricky or Robert while working with them?

    RI: I did but the last thing Ricky told me was an ancient hidden secret and I know if I ever revealed his tricks he would have to kill me.

    WT: Were you a big fan of the old NWA studio days before the relaunch of the brand last year?

    RI: I always had a respect for the NWA studio days. I grew up in the 90s so I’m an Attitude era baby, but in my adult life I’ve gone back and watched a lot more studio wrestling from the early NWA.


    WT: You’ve also tagged with Scott Steiner, recently. What was it like being partners with Big Poppa Pump?

    RI: One of my favorite experiences in wrestling. The steiner brothers are such legends and Scott is someone I modeled a lot of my style after.

    WT: Outside of wrestlers you’ve already tagged with, who would be your dream tag team partner?

    RI: Superstar Billy Graham

    WT: What do you believe is the secret of great tag team wrestling?

    RI: High physical stakes with well executed action

    WT: When pro wrestling returns to normal and you can step back inside the squared circle, what’s next for Royce Isaacs?

    RI: Getting back tag team gold with Thom, kicking Sal Rinauro in the junk, and on to singles gold; Zicky Dice watch your back, snake.

    WT: Finally, as we’re Wrestling Travel, we want to know what your best story is from your time travelling on the road as a pro wrestler…

    RI: All of my ‘good’ travel stories generally involve bodily fluids flying involuntarily so maybe just leave it at that. 

    You can follow Royce’s true crime ‘Anomalia’ podcast on Twitter HERE and watch him in action on NWA Powerrr on their official Youtube channel.

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