• Wrestling Travel Join Powered4 TV

    Published on October 27, 2020

    Wrestling Travel are delighted to announce that we have joined the ranks at Powered4 TV to provide exclusive content.

    Powered4 TV, formerly known as Turnbuckle TV, is home to some of the biggest independent promotions on the planet, such as; TNT Extreme Wrestling, 1PW, Ignite Wrestling and more.

    Powered4 also include classic matches from around Europe, and also special interview shows such as Simon Hill’s Keep It Locked.

    Wrestling Travel’s content will now be available on Powered4 TV moving forward, with our Lockdown Sessions hosted by Justin Clapper and Danny Wolstanholme. Plus, some classic series such as; Road Stories, Inside The Archives and some exclusive free matches.


    “We are incredibly excited to announce our partnership with Wrestling Travel. We look forward to bringing Wrestling Travel YouTube Channel more content as well as future collaborations on new projects.” Powered4’s John Scott commented.

    Along with Wrestling Travel joining Powered4 TV, you will be able to sign up to Powered4 TV using the code ‘TRAVEL’ and you’ll receive 50% off your first month, and full-access to all content on Powered4.

    “We are passionate about pro-wrestling and we are about all wrestling not just the promotions under our own umbrella. We don’t pretend other promotions don’t exist just because they are not on the platform. We believe in our own product and what we have .” John continued.

    Powered4.tv is more than just a generic Video on-Demand service. We have our own built in media team that brings a Custom Streaming Service. With over 15 promotions featuring TNT Extreme Wrestling, 1PW, DNA Wrestling and FFW. Classic Matches, Documentaries, PWD4 Originals, and interviews.”

    Sign up today – Powered4 TV and use code ‘TRAVEL’ to receive 50% off your first month!

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