• What To Do In Los Angeles During WrestleMania 39 Weekend

    Published on April 28, 2021

    WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles may still be almost two years away, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start planning for your trip to Tinseltown, when ‘Mania goes Hollywood for the first time since 2005.

    The City of Angels will not only play host to the Grandaddy of ’em All among all the other WWE events that weekend, but will also be choc full of a plethora of independent graps and, this being Southern California, a vast amount of Lucha Libre. Dios Mio, we can’t wait.


    But even with all that squared circle action to keep you occupied, there will still be plenty of time to kill in the sunniest, sprawling, multicultural metropolis in the United States.

    So what else can you get up to in LA?

    Fortunately, WT has you covered for ideas for WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles.

    OUE Skyspace

    This is 100% one for all you thrill seekers out there. See all of LA from a unique birds eye-view at the top of OUE Skyspace, California’s tallest open-air observation deck. You can head up night or day to check out the 360 degree view from 1,000 feet above the city. And, if the heights and glass platforms are not enough to get the blood-pumping, how about trying the Skyslide – A dizzying 45-foot glass slide on the exterior of the U.S Bank Tower that would even make Jeff Hardy or Shane McMahon think twice.

    Not a bad view, huh? Image: OEU Skyspace LA/instagram

    Dodger Stadium

    If at any point you feel a bit wrassled out but still fancy taking in some live sport, there’s a good chance the Dodgers will have a game during ‘Mania week, as the end of March/start of April usually marks the beginning of the Major League Baseball season. Since moving to LA from Brooklyn in 1958 (imagine your team just upping and leaving to the opposite end of the country? Gutting), the Dodgers have racked up six World Series titles, including last year’s title.

    Image: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

    Even if the Dodgers aren’t in town during this week, a tour of the stadium in Elysian Park is still well worth the trip as there’s over 60 years of baseball history to immerse yourself in. But if the World Champs are slugging them out of the park during ‘Mania week, you can watch them do so with some of the finest food in the MLB, including mouth watering al pastor fries, chicken waffle sandwiches, pulled pork nachos and the world famous Dodger Dogs. Washed down with a few cold, delicious beverages, it’s not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

    LA Live

    If you’ve not spent all your holiday money on wrestling merchandise and beach balls to ping around the crowd at the Raw after ‘Mania, you could do a lot worse than popping over to LA Live – A mega entertainment complex with shops, restaurants and countless bars to keep yourself hydrated, it’s only a minute’s walk from the Staples Centre, so you can head straight on over to continue the excitement of another graps filled day.

    The perfect tag team. Image: LA Live/instagram

    Grand Central Market

    It goes without saying that Los Angeles is one of the greatest culinary cities on the planet. With a myriad of food trucks to choose from and some of the greatest Mexican food in the world, as well as some pretty epic BBQ in Korea Town and FIVE China Towns, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to lining your stomach.

    However, navigating the City of Angels can be easier said than done if you’re wanting to sample everything, so if convenience is what you’re after, you can head over to the famous Grand Central Market, downtown, for some of LA’s best street food. There is something for everyone, from fresh sea-food to world class tacos, ridiculously good German sausages, mind bending donuts and some of the most ludicrously tasty ice cream, fried chicken and ramen you’ve ever thrown into your face.

    Angels Flight

    Go full tourist mode during WrestleMania 39 in LA and take a trip on one of the city’s most iconic landmarks. Angels Flight is not only a 118-year-old funicular that takes passengers on a short ride between Hill Street and Grand Avenue on Bunker Hill. It is also the world’s shortest railway and only costs a dollar to ride each way.

    A 118-year-old piece of history. Image: Wikipedia

    A staple of Angelenos culture, Angels Flight has been appearing in movies since 1918, most notably The Muppets and La La Land. When it comes to history, it doesn’t get much more iconic than this in Tinsel Town.

    We absolutely cannot wait to see you in California for WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles. What a week it’s going to be when Wrestling Travel goes Hollywood.

    Roll on 2023!

    Big Love,

    The Wrestling Travel Team x

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