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    Published on August 8, 2020

    Warrior Wrestling presents Friday Night Lights LIVE from Marian Catholic High School in Chicago. The event is taking place outdoors on the football field with safety precautions in place for all attending.

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    04:50AM GMT: Thank for joining us. I’ll see you next time for the next LIVE blog. Until then, stay safe.

    04:48AM GMT: Brian Cage def. Sam Adonis, Lance Archer & Jeff Cobb in a Fatal 4 Way match. Could we be seeing Pillman Jr. vs. Cage at the next Warrior?

    04:44AM GMT: Everybody down right now in the ring. So hard to choose a winner, but what a treat for us watching and for those in attendance!

    04:39AM GMT: What’s unfolding here. Adonis and Archer are out here. The main event is over as the ref calls for the bell. But wait, the main event is now a Fatal 4 Way! Archer vs. Cage vs. Adonis vs. Cobb!

    04:33AM GMT: Both men giving it everything they’ve got here. A great mix of power and athleticism.

    04:29AM GMT: Jeff Cobb showing incredible strength to lift Brian Cage. This should be a great war.

    04:25AM GMT: Brian Cage means business tonight.

    04:21AM GMT: – And just before the main event, a Wrestling Travel video package plays!

    04:19AM GMT: – A mammoth main event. Brian Cage vs. Jeff Cobb!

    04:17AM GMT: Brian Pillman Jr def. Robert Anthony to retain the Warrior Wrestling Title with a jackhammer! A great champion for this promotion.

    04:14AM GMT: Robert Anthony still wearing the champion down working on his knee, but Pillman slowly getting himself back into this.

    04:10AM GMT: Robert Anthony using his unique offence here slowly wearing down the champion. And Frank the Clown gets involved when the ref’s back is turned. Odds against the champion here!

    04:03AM GMT: The Warrior Champion, Brian Pillman Jr, races down to the ring to defend his title! He’s in tremendous shape.

    04:01AM GMT: Frank The Clown has been cutting a promo for the last couple of minutes. Let’s get to the action!

    03:56AM GMT: Warrior World Title time. Robert Anthony with Frank The Clown make their way to the ring on a cart driving around the football field.

    03:54AM GMT: Around 500 people in attendance at Warrior tonight. Warrior can say this has been a success judging from the event and safety measures in place. Huge props.

    03:52AM GMT: The Rascalz def. Zayne, Carter & Christian in a 6-man tag team match. Enthralling match with a lot of high flying moves and spots that you’d expect from these guys. Alex Zayne certainly caught my eye from this one.

    03:47AM GMT: Plenty of superkicks, cartwheels and more superkicks, still out on the football field. All the fans social distanced, even away from the ring. Again, Warrior have got their set-up completely spot on here tonight.

    03:43GMT: A crazy corkscrew from the top rope onto The Rascalz outside of the ring by Alex Zayne. It’s broken down as the brawl spills onto the football field!

    03:40AM GMT: Trey Miguel once again impressive here. He’s been getting plenty of time to showcase his abilities on IMPACT Wrestling recently.

    03:34AM GMT: Here come The Rascalz!

    03:29AM GMT: 6-man tag team action up next! The Rascalz vs. Zayne, Carter, Christian

    03:27AM GMT: Warhorse wins the Spartan Stadium Stampede Scramble after a chaotic match!

    03:23AM GMT: Dan the Dad might just be my favourite. Holding his mug of tea whilst fighting. Brilliant.

    03:21AM GMT: Unfortunately, this is just one of those matches that is very hard to blog, because there is just so much happening. Everyone is getting a moment to shine.

    03:16AM GMT: Plenty of comedy spots here as expected. I missed the rules. Let’s have some fun!

    03:06AM GMT: Warhorse vs. Dan The Dad vs. Beast Man vs. Matt Knicks vs. Nacho Clown vs. Cypher vs. Gobaldi vs. The Cornbelt Cowboy vs. Elayna Black vs. Davey Bang


    03:03AM GMT: The set-up is incredible under the lights.

    02:58AM GMT: Joey Janela def. Jake Something via pinfall. After an enormous beating, Janela claws his way back into it, and picks up the win!

    02:54AM GMT: Janela somehow, someway, is getting himself back into this match now. Even diving from the top rope to take out Jake Somthing with his injured knee!

    02:50AM GMT: Jake Something focusing on the knee now, and smashes Janela’s leg against the ring post.

    02:49AM GMT: Janela wants to continue, and gets back in the ring but gets knocked down immediately by Jake Something, who proceeds to stamp on him in the corner.

    02:48AM GMT: Both men fighting on the football field, but Janela appears to be injured and has hurt his knee. Officials are checking on him as Jake Something waits in the ring.

    02:45AM GMT: Jake Something showing his strength and dominance against Joey Janela so far, as Janela gives it a good go to knock him down, but fails.

    02:41AM GMT: Jake Something vs. ‘The Bad Boy’ Joey Janela is next up.

    02:39AM GMT: A low blow by Adonis and he exits the ring immediately. The match is over. Archer wins by DQ. Lance Archer def. Sam Adonis via DQ. Archer is angry as Adonis escapes.

    02:38AM GMT: Chokeslam by Archer but Adonis kicks out. Archer is feeling a victory coming!

    02:37AM GMT: Archer dominating Sam Adonis so far. Archer is a regular for Warrior Wrestling, and of course now full-time with AEW. The man has rebuilt himself over the last couple of years and looks better than ever right now!

    02:34AM GMT: Archer makes his entrance!

    02:29AM GMT: Sam Adonis vs. AEW’s Lance Archer is NEXT!

    02:28AM GMT: Isaias Velazquez def. Tre Lamar via pinfall. ‘The Chicago Ace’ picks up the win, in a great match with a number of pinfall attempts and back and forth action. Both men shake hands after the match.

    02:25AM GMT: Tre Lamar, the high-flyer, drops an elbow from the top rope, but the experience of Isaias he manages to get to the ropes to break the pinfall that followed.

    02:22AM GMT: This visual is fantastic now with the floodlights beaming down on the ring and football field. All credit to Warrior for putting on this event tonight.

    02:21AM GMT: Plenty of pinfall attempts so far in this match, but both men looking to get a foothold of this match.

    02:19AM GMT: Double drop kick to the back of the head by Lamar to Isaias, but Isaias turns the tables very quickly, which results in a suicide dive outside of the ring!

    02:18AM GMT: Isaias is a trainer in the Chicago area, so this will certainly be an interesting match-up!

    02:16AM GMT: Isaias Velazguez in action next against Tre Lamar.

    02:14AM GMT: With that win, that puts Kylie Rae in pole position to face Tessa Blanchard for the Warrior Women’s Title!

    02:13AM GMT: Kylie Rae def. Ray Lyn. It looked like Ray Lyn was in control and Kylie had nothing left, but Kylie rolls Ray Lyn into a pinfall and picks up the win! No high fives given to fans due to the safety measures in place, but she runs around waving.

    02:12AM GMT: A Russian leg sweep into a submission by Kylie Rae, but Ray Lyn counters into a pinfall. Kylie kicks out at two. A great opener so far!

    02:07AM GMT: A technical and physical opening to this match, with Ray Lyn taking control. Very interested to see her in action, this will be my first time personally. Impressive so far.

    02:07AM GMT: Always smiling..

    02:04AM GMT: Ray Lyn making her way to the ring..

    02:01AM GMT: And we’re live, and kicking off with IMPACT’s Kylie Rae vs. Ray Lyn!

    01:55AM GMT: It certainly is..

    01:50AM GMT: We’re just 10 minutes away until bell time!

    01:45AM GMT: We’re certainly looking forward to the Spartan Stadium Stampede Scramble. We have no idea of the rules!


    01:42AM GMT: Tonight’s card;
    Brian Pillman Jr vs. Robert Anthony w/ Frank The Clown – Warrior Wrestling Heavyweight Title match, sponsored by Tru Heel Heat

    Brian Cage vs. Jeff Cobb

    Lance Archer vs. Sam Adonis

    Isaias Velazquez vs. Tre Lamar

    Kylie Rae vs. Ray Lyn

    The Rascalz vs. Zayne Carter Christian

    Warhorse vs. Dan The Dad vs. Beast Man vs. Matt Knicks vs. Nacho Clown vs. Cypher vs. Gobaldi vs. The Cornbelt Cowboy vs. Elayna Black vs. Davey Bang – Spartan Stadium Stampede Scramble

    Joey Janela vs. Jake Something

    01:40AM GMT: Justin has now just caught a word with Brian Cage, ahead of his match with Jeff Cobb!

    01:35AM GMT: Our WT chief in the States, Justin Clapper, is live in attendance in Chicago. He’s just caught up with the Warrior Wrestling Champion, Brian Pillman Jr ahead of his title defense.

    01:33AM GMT: Wrestling Travel are once again proud sponsors for this Warrior Wrestling event. We are always honoured to be a part of their shows!

    01:30AM GMT: Welcome to the Warrior Wrestling Friday Night Lights LIVE blog!

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