• Top 5 Raw Moments: 6th July 2020

    Published on July 7, 2020

    This week’s Raw once again emanated from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL. There is still no sign as to when WWE will venture out of the Performance Center and run live shows, as Covid-19 still has a firm grip on many states across the USA.

    – WWE has seen more positive cases confirmed as they now begin to regularly test all staff and wrestlers at the Performance Centre for Covid-19. Reports suggest the latest round of testing is in ‘double figures’.
    – The state of Florida is still currently seeing a spike in Coronavirus cases.
    – WWE have advised it is now mandatory to wear masks when acting the part of a fan at WWE tapings inside the Performance Center and Full Sail.

    Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Raw moments!

    A New US Championship Revealed

    This week on Raw saw the unveiling of new United States Championship. The design of the US Title has not been changed in over 15 years, and this marked the dawning of a new era for the title. MVP was the man to reveal the new title as he believes he is the rightful United States Champion, after defeating current champion, Apollo Crews, last week on Raw.

    Champion vs. Champion

    This week on Raw saw the Raw Women’s Champion, Asuka, face SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley, in a champion vs. champion match. Asuka was accompanied by Kairi Sane, and Bayley by Sasha Banks. It was Nikki Cross that ultimately got in the head of Bayley, causing numerous distractions and resulting in Asuka picking up the win, to the anger of the SmackDown Women’s Champion.

    A New Legacy?

    Could we be seeing the formation of a new faction. Randy Orton, Angel Garza, Andrade with Zelina Vega? They proved their worth this week on Raw by defeating The Big Show and The Viking Raiders in a six-man tag team match.


    Eye For An Eye

    Rey Mysterio & Kevin Owens defeated Seth Rollins & Murphy in a tag team match, which gave Mysterio the opportunity to select the stipulation for his match with Rollins at Extreme Rules as there feud continues. Mysterio chose the first-ever Eye For An Eye match, where the rules are simple, the only way to win is by removing one of your opponents eyes! ???? will Mysterio get his revenge for Rollins damaging his eye a few weeks ago?

    3MB Baby!

    To the surprise of many of us watching at home, recently released Heath Slater returned on Raw, looking for a fight with his close friend and WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre, who Heath claimed had let him down. This was all set-up by Drew’s challenger at Extreme Rules, Dolph Ziggler. It resulted in Drew picking up the win, but Dolph attacked Heath after the match, before Drew returned to aid his former bandmate, as they ended up celebrating together, as Heath moves on to the next chapter of his career.

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