• 5 WWE Superstars We Want To See John Morrison Face

    Published on September 29, 2019

    Photo credit: WWE

    Reports are out there suggesting John Morrison has re-signed with WWE this week. It’s been eight years since we last saw Morrison perform in a WWE ring, and a lot of new superstars have joined the ranks between now and then, with that opening the door for some exciting matches.

    We have now, after plenty of deliberation with pretty much the whole roster in contention, compiled the five superstars we’d like to see John Morrison face upon his return to the company.

    The one that writes itself. Morrison’s last appearance in WWE saw him being stretchered out of the arena in Colombia, South Carolina, after a Falls Count Anywhere match with The Miz, who delivered a Skull Crushing Finale on the entrance stage. Morrison and The Miz have a history together, being former Tag Team champions, between 2007 and 2009. ‘The Dirt Sheet Duo’ and Tag Team of the Year 2008, went onto have a great run together, but essentially propelled both into bigger stars than they were before forming. The Miz went on to win the WWE Title a few years after, and Morrison found himself involved in the main event scene for a short time, but it was The Miz that found the most success out of the two. There’s still unfinished business and we are very likely to see that rivalry renewed somewhere down the line.

    A match that would be scintillating from start to finish. These two would put on an absolute classic. Morrison and Ricochet have met before outside of the WWE, notably in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and Rev Pro respectively, where Ricochet picked up the win in both of those matches. The athleticism and styles of both would instantly make a match between them a classic. I’m sure we’ll get a run of matches down the line, that each time will have us on the edge of our seats wanting more.


    A match that hasn’t happened anywhere. Rollins vs. Morrison. This would be the first time these two would have met inside of the ring. ‘The Workhorse’ of Monday Night Raw has had an illustrious run during his few years on the main roster, something that John Morrison did not during his first run. Morrison is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and athletic superstars to step into the squared circle, but so to is Seth Rollins. A match between these two would steal any show, and most definitely has to happen.

    Many years ago, this was a match that we could only dream of seeing happen. Styles was tearing it in TNA, and Morrison was tearing it up in WWE. Back then, it was unlikely that these two performers would ever cross paths. Fast-forward to 2019, the match could potentially happen. They have crossed paths before on the independent scene, with notably Morrison picking up a victory in Newcastle, England. Styles & Morrison can both go, and we deserve to see this on the biggest platform.

    ‘The Guru of Greatness’ vs. Johnny Wrestling. It is very much a possibility that John Morrison could head to NXT for a stint before heading to Raw or SmackDown. Morrison undoubtedly could have a classic with almost everyone on the NXT roster, but I had to select one, and Johnny Gargano was that one. Gargano’s matches are at such a consistent high standard that this match could steal any TakeOver. A series of TakeOver’s, different stipulations, maybe a Ladder Match or an Ironman Match, we could see some great matches, and the NXT crowd would be into every second of it.

    Wherever John Morrison ends up, whether it be Raw, SmackDown or NXT, who would you like to see him go toe-to-toe with in the ring?

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