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    Published on July 27, 2020

    Our very own Lucy Openshaw has created a safe space for wrestling fans and workers alike to help support you when you’re in a crisis – Talk Mental Health Wrestling.

    When you feel like there’s nowhere to turn, please remember, there is always someone who wants to help.

    Nobody should have to suffer alone, or feel afraid to speak up about what they’re dealing with. This website provides you help whether it be for anxiety, PTSD, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, racial prejudice, and many more.

    This website offers you support contacts to reach out to for a number of different crisis situations.


    Lucy, who was behind the Fight The Good Event last year, which raised money for numerous mental health charities, is a shining light on the wrestling scene, and wants to help those who are struggling and feel like they have nowhere to turn to.

    Never be afraid to talk about your feelings, your situation and what you’re going through. Talking helps. That first step to a better day when those dark clouds start to disappear. In time, things will get better.

    Wrestling Travel recently covered an article during Mental Health Awareness Week here in the UK, which featured a host of wrestling personalities talking about their struggles, and some useful contacts for fans around the globe.

    CLICK HERE to visit Talk Mental Health Wrestling and seek out any support offerings you find to help you, or contact Talk Mental Health Wrestling directly for any further assistance.

    Wrestling Travel are advocates and supporters for mental wellbeing and want all fans and workers alike to have a safe space, and feel confident reaching out for help when times get difficult. We support our staff, travellers, and many others with help and support when they need it.

    It’s ok not to be ok.

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