• SummerSlam 2020 LIVE Blog

    Published on August 23, 2020

    Photo credit: WWE

    WWE presents SummerSlam 2020 from the Amway Center, inside the ThunderDome, in Orlando, FL. This event marks the first major WWE PPV to have virtual fans.

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    03:09AM – Thank you for joining us for the live blog. No live blog next week for Payback, but make sure to follow the acton on our socials! Stay safe.

    03:08AM – We certainly didn’t see that coming. Roman Reigns has returned and has set his sights on the Universal Title.

    03:04AM – Reigns grabs a chair and repeatedly hits Braun on the outside of the ring with it. He heads back into the ring and spears Bray! Roman then grabs the Universal Title and holds it up.


    03:01AM – The Fiend slams Braun onto the wood, and then delivers Sister Abigail not once, but twice on the exposed wood, and wins. ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt def. Braun Strowman to WIN the Universal Title!

    03:00AM – Strowman has a box cutter and is slicing up the ring mat. For a minute there I thought it was all over for Bray. The wood of the ring has been exposed.

    02:57AM – They’re back out onto the entrance ramp in the ThunderDome. Braun’s head is busted open on the top after being slammed into a wall in Gorilla.

    02:55AM – Well here we go. The fight has entered Gorilla, or the ‘control area’ as Michael Cole has called it. The Fiend delivers Sister Abigail but Braun kicks out of the pinfall. The most interesting thing is nobody is in Gorilla.. who’s running the damn show!?

    02:53AM – The Fiend as sick and sadistic as always. He’s just hit Braun with a toolbox from under the ring, but Braun is responding with his own shots, and spears Bray through the barricade! The Fiend rises immediately only to be slammed onto the announce table, and rises up again!

    02:48AM – Here comes the champ, Braun Strowman. Remember, this is Falls Count Anywhere. This could end anywhere.

    02:46AM – Here comes ‘The Fiend’. Love this entrance and theme!

    02:40AM – I’s time for our main event. Braun Strowman vs. ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt for the Universal Title in Falls Count Anywhere match. Bliss interference? RETRIBUTION interference?

    02:39AM – A couple of announcements by WWE. Keith Lee will be arriving on Raw tomorrow night. WWE will be back next Sunday with another PPV, Payback.

    02:33AM – Orton was looking for The Punt, but Drew caught him and powerbombed him. Drew now set-up for the Claymore… Orton ducks out of way, but Drew get him into a backslide pin and retains. Drew McIntyre defeats Randy Orton to retain the WWE Title. Orton never saw it coming.

    02:30AM – Orton with the Powerslam as Drew missed a Clothesline from the top rope. Has Orton ever won with the Powerslam? Come on, let’s see an RKO countered into the Claymore!

    02:29AM – Drew almost had Orton to retain, but there’s blood now pouring from Orton’s forehead.

    02:26AM – But here comes McIntyre all fired up and getting himself back into this match despite the bloody eye!

    02:25AM – He’s learnt from the dirtiest player in the game. Orton pulls the ref down whilst in the Figure Four, and manages to poke Drew in the eye to escape it whilst the ref was on the mat. That’s why he’s one of the best of all time. There’s blood coming Drew’s eye.

    02:23AM – Drew now has the Figure Four Leg Lock locked in on Orton!

    02:22AM – Randy Orton has dominated this WWE Championship match so far, but McIntyre manages to catch Orton for spinebuster to catch a breather. Can he claw his way back into this?

    02:18AM – Drew slammed violently onto the announce desk, then suplexed onto the floor. He’s not had a challenge quite like Randy Orton for his WWE Title.

    02:15AM – A fast paced start, with Orton trying to hit the RKO twice already!

    02:13AM – Can’t argue with that. The ThunderDome concept for me has been hugely successful so far. What a difference it has made.


    02:11AM – Both men have made their entrances and the introductions are being made for this WWE Title match.

    02:02AM – It’s Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Title next. I suspect Braun & Bray going on last has some RETRIBUTION interference.

    01:59AM – Bayley tries to cause a distraction, but Asuka has the Asuka lock locked in again as Sasha struggles to find the rope. Sasha Banks taps out! Asuka defeats Sasha Banks to WIN the Raw Women’s Title!

    01:57AM – Asuka Lock in the middle of the ring, but Sasha manages to escape, but Asuka is not giving up. Sasha ends up reversing it into a Banks Statement, and then Asuka reverses it!

    01:56AM – This match has gone above and beyond expectations. Even after some nasty bumps for Asuka, she’s giving it everything she’s got here.

    01:53AM – Hope Asuka is alright after this!? Ouch!

    01:50AM – Two great performers here. This match exceeding the earlier match with Bayley!

    01:43AM – Sasha Banks vs. Asuka is next for the Raw Women’s Title.

    01:42AM – A promo advertising the next WWE:24 episode ‘The Show Must Go On’ on the WWE Network which is the story behind WrestleMania 36. Still sad we weren’t able to take our travellers this year.

    01:40AM – All in all, a great outing for Dominik Mysterio despite the defeat. Very keen to see more.

    01:37AM – Dominik delivers a 619, but Rollins counters the frogsplash. Rollins then manages to deliver a stomp in-front of Rey who is handcuffed to the ropes. Seth Rollins defeats Dominik Mysterio by pinfall

    01:34AM – Rey is now handcuffed to the ring, as Rollins sets his sights on Dominik’s mother, but Dominik stops him just in time and sends Murphy flying over the barricade, and sends Rollins crashing into the steel steps!

    01:33AM – But wait, Dominik’s mother is out here on the ramp as Rey rushes up to stop her. Dominik tries to roll up Rollins but he kicks out. Murphy now has Dominik on the steel steps ready to push Dominik’s eye into it, but Rey rushes down in time to stop it from happening, but now Rey is being beaten down by Seth & Murphy.

    01:31AM – Rollins has the kendo stick in hand again now, as Murphy passes him some handcuffs. What has The Monday Night Messiah got in mind here as he drags Dominik over to the handcuffs attached to the ropes as he taunts Rey.

    01:29AM – Both men go through the table after it was set-up in the ring, and then Dominik delivers a Frogsplash paying homage to Eddie Guerrero, but this one is still not over!

    01:25AM – After a superplex and Falcon Arrow by Rollins, Dominik Mysterio kicks out of the pinfall attempt. Rollins now grabs the kendo stick and uses it on Dominik.

    01:23AM – Here it comes, there is life in Dominik Mysterio who delivers a DDT, and then grabs a kendo stick and unleashes it on Seth Rollins. Dominik then tries to head to the top rope, but Rollins stops him in his tracks.

    01:19AM – Seth Rollins firmly in control, but i’m certainly ready to see Dominik with a comeback here to see what he can do.

    01:14AM – It looks as though the virtual fans are being prompted to do certain actions, as they were all clapping for a moment there as Dominik entered the ring.

    01:13AM – And here comes Dominik Mysterio for his debut match in WWE, with a theme song similar to his father. Rey Mysterio is remaining by his side for the match still wearing an eye-patch.

    01:11AM – The Monday Night Messiah is out first wearing purple, and is accompanied by Murphy.

    01:08AM – Seth Rollins vs. Dominik Mysterio is next in a Street Fight!

    01:06AM – We have an exclusive interview dropping this week with former WWE superstar and Wyatt Family member, Erick Redbeard, formerly Rowan. Subscribe to our YouTube today for more exclusive content: https://www.youtube.com/wrestlingtravel


    01:04AM – One of the better storylines in WWE these past few months that has elevated both ladies. All credit to Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. I’m sure we’ll see Sonya sooner rather than later.

    01:03AM – She does it! The running knee finisher by Mandy Rose in the middle of the ring! Mandy Rose def. Sonya Deville, Sonya now has to leave WWE. Sonya is beside herself. Otis runs down with his MITB briefcase, and celebrates with Otis. A great moment in-front of the virtual fans that we missed from WrestleMania!

    01:01AM – Mandy sets Sonya up on the table set-up outside of the ring, but Sonya rolls off it in the nick of time, as Mandy starts trying to take out Sonya with some steel chairs sliding them with aggression across the table, but is unsuccessful as Sonya flees back into the ring.

    12:59AM – Sonya has Mandy locked into a submission in the ring. Mandy struggles to get free, but manages to turn it into a pinfall, but Sonya kicks out.

    12:57AM – Mandy Rose is setting up a table, but Sonya grabs a steel chair and hits Mandy straight in the gut with it, and crashes Mandy into the announce table.

    12:55AM – Mandy delivers a suplex to Sonya on the entrance ramp and then then sends her into the ring post at ringside. This No DQ working in the favour of Mandy Rose right now.

    12:52AM – Sonya out first, and Mandy comes out next ready for a fight!

    12:48AM – Next up, Mandy Rose vs. Sonya Deville. It was initially a Hair vs. Hair Match, but this was altered on SmackDown and will now be a No DQ Loser Leaves WWE match. There was speculation that the match was altered to give Sonya some time off after the stalker incident that happened at her home recently.

    12:47AM – Backstage, Sasha Banks says she’s going to make Asuka tap out, and we can Bank on that, as Bayley declares tonight will be a clean sweep, and next week at Payback they will retain their Women’s Tag Titles.

    12:45AM – Kevin Owens announces that the KO Show will return tomorrow on Raw, and he’s invited Aleister Black to the show!

    12:43AM – Oh no, Zelina has been knocked off the apron inadvertently! Montez Ford with an incredible splash from the top rope. The Street Profts def. Angel Garza & Andrade to retain the Raw Tag Team Titles.

    12:40AM – Got to love these two teams. Some fantastic talent on show. A superb tag team match so far. Montez Ford is incredible. Zelina Vega now trying to get involved, surely Bianca Belair making her way down soon?

    12:32AM – Kevin Owens is on commentary for this one.

    12:30AM – The Raw Tag Team Titles are on the line next. Angel Garza & Andrade w/ Zelina Vega challenging The Street Profits. This one should be good!

    12:26AM – Backstage, Dominik is in the locker room with Rey Mysterio and his mother. Dominik wants to go out alone for his Street Fight with Seth Rollins, in which looks like it was being played from a VHS. Some tech issues there.

    12:24AM – Don’t miss out. We have some big plans for 2021/2022!

    12:22AMBayley defeats Asuka to retain the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Sasha Banks causing a few distractions, which resulted in Bayley picking up the win. Sasha and Bayley beat down Asuka after the match, weakening her ahead of the Raw Women’s Title match later tonight. Bayley’s reign continues.

    12:18AM – Yep.

    12:17AM – Asuka picking up the pace as she once again takes control of this match, but will it be enough to topple the SmackDown Women’s Champion.

    12:16AM – Asuka with the kicks but Bayley hits the Bayley to Belly, as Asuka kicks out in the dying seconds!

    12:14AM – Bayley taking some control in this match now after being on the receiving end of Asuka’s opening offence.

    12:12AM – Asuka jumps off the steel steps and DDT’s Bayley onto the floor! A solid opener so far.

    12:07AM – 317 days as SmackDown Women’s Champion. Bayley makes her way out to the ring along with Raw Women’s Champion, and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion partner, Sasha Banks.

    12:05AM – The SmackDown Women’s Championship match is kicking us off. Asuka out first, as she challenges Bayley for the title. Asuka will also be challenging for the Raw Women’s Title later in the night.

    12:04AM – Let’s goooo! A great opening video package, and some fantastic pyro inside the ThunderDome as SummerSlam begins. The virtual fans are ecstatic. The production is on point. This is much much better than the Performance Center!

    11:58PM – We’re just a few moments away from SummerSlam 2020. The tagline ‘You’ll never see it coming’, is something big happening tonight? We’ll soon find out.

    11:51PM – It’s great to see Apollo on a great run at the moment with WWE. Was huge fan of his when seeing him perform over here in the UK prior to WWE. Unbelievable athleticism. He’s just defeated MVP to retain the United States Championship, and escapes a post-match attack from Lashley and 24/7 Champion, Shelton Benjamin.

    11:49PM – A thing of beauty.

    11:44PM – Virtual fans are here! A fantastic concept by WWE to create the ThunderDome inside the Amway Center. Makes such a difference.

    11:42PM – The United States Championship is now taking place on the Pre-Show as Apollo defends his title against MVP.

    11:40PM – NXT TakeOver XXX last night was an incredible event from a jaw-dropping Ladder Match, Pat McAfee’s impressive debut, plus the crowning of a new NXT Champion. Relive the action here: https://wrestlingtravel.com/2020/08/22/nxt-takeover-xxx-live-blog/

    11:37PM – Wembley Stadium, 1992.

    11:35PM – If you haven’t been watching, make sure you check out Hooked On Wrestling’s Virtual Event happening right now, raising money for the Cauliflower Alley Club.


    11:32PM – I join the Pre-Show action on the WWE Network as they reflect on RETRIBUTION’s attacks the past few weeks. How will they get involved tonight? Renee Young is still on the panel, and this will be her last night with WWE.

    11:30PM – Welcome to Wrestling Travel’s live blog for SummerSlam 2020!


    Drew McIntyre (C) vs. Randy Orton – WWE Championship

    Braun Strowman (C) vs. Bray Wyatt – Universal Championship – Falls Count Anywhere

    Bayley (C) vs. Asuka – SmackDown Women’s Championship

    Sasha Banks (C) vs. Asuka – Raw Women’s Championship

    Seth Rollins vs. Dominik Mysterio – Street Fight

    Mandy Rose vs. Sonya Deville – No DQ, Loser Leaves WWE

    Apollo Crews (C) vs. MVP – US Championship

    The Street Profits (C) vs. Andrade & Angel Garza – Raw Tag Team Championship

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