• New Ring of Honor Champions crowned

    Published on September 28, 2019

    Photo credit: ROH Wrestling

    Ring of Honor is now in the thick of it, as Pro Wrestling enters into a renaissance period that will feature every major Promotion, stepping up for Pro Wrestling supremacy.

    At last night’s event, Ring of Honor: Death Before Dishonor, saw the company shift gears with the crowning of new Male and Female World Champions.

    Credit: ROH Wrestling

    Rush defeated Matt Tavern for the ROH World Championship.

    Credit: ROH Wrestling

    Angelina Love defeated Kelly Klein for the Women of Honor Championship.

    The world of professional wrestling continues to undergo an unprecedented shakeup at a dizzying pace.

    Television networks are being changed. A new promotion with deep pockets and national exposure is ready to challenge the titans of the business. Talents are being signed to record contracts.

    The geographic borders that once limited access to international promotions are being torn down. And fans have more options than at any other time in history.

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