• Payment Plans

    Wrestling Travel is proud to offer an affordable and structured way to help you with your payments towards that Wrestling trip of a lifetime.

    Best yet, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

    Here’s how it work:

    Step One: Make a deposit

    Your first step is to pay the designated deposit.

    This will secure your place.

    Step Two: Paying your Balance.

    Direct Debit: Spread the cost of your Travel Package evenly, to help you budget for your amazing trip of a lifetime.

    You are able to pay off your balance in full at any time.

    You may do so by contacting us between the hours of 9am-6pm, Monday-Friday (Except Bank Holidays and Seasonal Holidays).

    Under our Payment Plan, payments must be collected via Direct Debit (this may differ depending upon Location).

    Payments are collected at the end of every month.

    If you wish for payments to be taken on specific days, please speak to one of our agents.

    FlexiPay: You can also choose to pay your balance by using the WT Customer Portal.

    The portal will allow you to pay any amount off the balance at anytime online.

    Please Note: Account Balances must be cleared before at least eight weeks before departure. Failure to have the account settled, will result into forfeiting your Travel Package, with no refunds.

    Step Three: Get Ready

    With your payments in place and your Travel Package secure, you can now rest in the knowledge that you will be heading to the biggest and the best wrestling events in the world.