• NXT Results – October 10, 2023: A Night of Surprises and Showcases

    Published on October 11, 2023

    NXT RESULTS – The October 10th edition of WWE NXT brought forth an episode that didn’t have a special name or high-stakes title matches but was arguably one of the most hyped shows in the brand’s history. With the likes of John Cena, Cody Rhodes, and several exciting matches and surprises, NXT managed to deliver an action-packed night. Let’s dive into the highlights of the show.

    Cody Rhodes Announces Return of Tournaments and NXT Title Match The show kicked off with a major announcement by Cody Rhodes, who revealed the return of the Men’s Breakout Tournament and the Dusty Classic. This was a momentous occasion as Rhodes also took on the role of guest general manager for the night. The segment, though not entirely surprising in terms of tournament announcements, successfully set the tone for the night.

    In a particularly intriguing development, Ilja Dragunov showed respect to Rhodes, and a challenge from “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio set the stage for an NXT Championship match, with LA Knight as the guest referee. This decision added an element of unpredictability to the evening.

    Asuka’s Dominance Over Roxanne Perez Asuka returned to the gold brand to face Roxanne Perez, with the winner earning the right to face Kiana James. Asuka showcased her dominance in the ring, defeating Perez with a series of devastating kicks, culminating in a roundhouse kick for the pinfall victory. The match, while smooth, felt a bit short but was free from commercial interruptions, allowing the two competitors to tell a complete story.

    Additionally, Shotzi arrived to join commentary and announced that she and Scarlett would be hosting Halloween Havoc Night 1, adding an exciting twist to the upcoming event.

    Pub Rules: Brawling Brutes and Tyler Bate Triumph Over Gallus In a chaotic Pub Rules match, Butch, Ridge Holland, and Tyler Bate faced off against Gallus. The match was intense, highlighted by moments of in-sequence offense and ended with the faces delivering a triple powerbomb to Joe Coffey through a table. This match provided a pure brawl, showcasing the chemistry between Bate and Butch.

    Gallus suffered another significant loss, and their credibility within NXT took a hit. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that they may need to leave NXT for new opportunities on the horizon.

    John Cena’s Surprise Appearance John Cena made a surprise appearance at the WWE Performance Center, expressing the importance of NXT. His involvement in the event led to a brief confrontation with Bron Breakker, building intrigue and potential future storylines. While it was an engaging segment, some viewers might have found it somewhat extraneous given the main event already promised for later.

    NXT Championship Match: Dragunov vs. Mysterio The NXT Championship match between Ilja Dragunov and Dominik Mysterio, refereed by LA Knight, delivered in terms of action and drama. The match was physical, with both competitors showcasing their skills. The overbooking, though inevitable, was kept to a minimum until the last minute, allowing for a captivating battle between two rising stars.

    The Undertaker’s Surprise Appearance The biggest surprise of the night came when “The American Badass” Undertaker arrived on a motorbike. He confronted Bron Breakker and Ilja Dragunov, delivering a chokeslam to Breakker. While it was an enjoyable moment, it’s unlikely to lead to anything substantial since Undertaker is expected to remain retired.

    Women’s Breakout Tournament: Lola Vice Advances Lola Vice faced Dani Palmer in a Women’s Breakout Tournament match. Vice secured the win with a spin kick, earning her place in the semifinals. While the execution of the match was a bit sloppy, Vice’s experience in the ring shone through, and she demonstrated her potential.

    In conclusion, the October 10th episode of WWE NXT was a night filled with surprises, captivating matches, and moments that had fans talking. While it may not be sustainable for the brand to maintain such star-studded lineups every week, this episode undoubtedly succeeded in delivering a memorable and entertaining show. If NXT can sustain this momentum, it may continue to grow as a platform for creating and showcasing the next generation of WWE superstars.

    NXT Results 10/10/23.

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