• NXT Great American Bash WWE Results 07/30/23

    Published on August 1, 2023

    The NXT Great American Bash WWE 30/07/2023: A Night of Surprises and Intense Battles

    The NXT Pay-Per-View event, The Great American Bash, on 30th July 2023, delivered a night filled with exciting matchups, shocking twists, and memorable moments. From surprise victories to bitter rivalries, the event showcased the best of NXT’s talent and left the fans craving for more.

    Opening Match: Nathan Frazer, Dragon Lee, Valentina Fox & Yulisa Leon vs. Noam Dar, Oro Mensah, Jakara Jackson, and Lash Legend

    The PPV kicked off with an exhilarating eight-person tag team match, where Nathan Frazer, Dragon Lee, Valentina Fox, and Yulisa Leon emerged victorious. It was surprising to see that the anticipated feud between Nathan Frazer and Noam Dar took a backseat during this bout. Nonetheless, the fast-paced action and the chemistry between the competitors set the stage for a thrilling night ahead.

    Tag Team Championship Match: The D’Angelo Family vs. Gallus

    In a visually stunning encounter, The D’Angelo Family dethroned Gallus to become the new NXT Tag Team Champions. Both teams displayed incredible resilience, with Gallus resorting to underhanded tactics to gain an advantage. However, The D’Angelo Family stood strong and ultimately clinched the championship, leaving the audience in awe of their performance.

    Weapons Wild Match: Roxanne Perez vs. Blair Davenport

    The hometown hero, Roxanne Perez, secured a hard-fought victory against Blair Davenport in a weapons wild match. Emotions ran high as Perez’s family watched from ringside, and Blair Davenport resorted to using a belt to choke her opponent in a heart-wrenching moment. However, Perez rallied back, using various weapons, including a cowbell, to gain control of the match. In the end, Perez’s determination paid off as she pinned Davenport for the victory, much to the delight of the home crowd.

    Gable Stevenson vs. Baron Corbin: Double Count Out

    The clash between Gable Stevenson and Baron Corbin was nothing short of brutal, with both competitors leaving no stone unturned to inflict pain on each other. The audience showed a newfound appreciation for Corbin’s transformed persona, cheering him on throughout the match. However, their aggression led to a double count-out, leaving the rivalry unresolved. As tensions escalated post-match, Stevenson delivered a devastating suplex to Corbin through the ringside barricade, leaving the WWE Universe astonished.

    NXT North American Championship Triple Threat Match: Dominik Mysterio vs. Wes Lee vs. Mustafa Ali

    In a high-octane triple threat match, Dominik Mysterio managed to retain his NXT North American Championship. Wes Lee displayed incredible determination to reclaim the title, but Mustafa Ali’s high-flying acrobatics threatened to end Mysterio’s reign. In a shocking twist, Rhea Ripley’s interference allowed Mysterio to capitalize and secure the win, leaving the contenders disappointed.

    NXT Women’s Championship Submission Match: Tiffany Stratton vs. Thea Hail

    Tiffany Stratton showcased a dominant and technical side, successfully defending her NXT Women’s Championship against Thea Hail in a submission match. Thea Hail exhibited unwavering resilience, refusing to give up even in the face of Stratton’s relentless attacks. However, when Andre Chase threw in the towel on behalf of Hail, it became evident that all is not well within the Chase U group. Duke Hudson’s bewilderment hinted at the growing cracks in their camaraderie.

    NXT Championship Match: Carmelo Hayes vs. Ilja Dragunov

    In the main event of the evening, Carmelo Hayes successfully defended his NXT Championship against Ilja Dragunov, the former PROGRESS Wrestling star has really started to show the world what he is all about now in NXT. The match was a physical showcase of both competitors’ skills and determination. Hayes managed to secure the victory thanks to the timely intervention of his friend, Trick Williams. Williams sacrificed himself, allowing Hayes to capitalize and retain the prestigious NXT Championship.

    The NXT Great American Bash on 30th July 2023 was an event filled with exhilarating matches, emotional moments, and unforeseen twists. As the NXT landscape continues to evolve, fans are left eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the captivating world of professional wrestling.

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