• Impact Star Rohit Raju Drops By The LockDown Sessions

    Published on July 18, 2021

    Photo credit: AXS TV

    It’s not every week a former X Division Champion stops by for an interview, but when you’ve got the main man and wrestling encyclopaedia Justin Clapper helming your interviews, anything is possible.

    Only a few weeks removed from X Division icon Petey Williams sitting down with JC, the former Rohit Raju into the LockDown Sessions ahead of his Ultimate X match at last night’s spectacular Slammiversary event. And although Rohit came up short at Ultimate X, he was still in fine form for his interview with our Midwestern maestro.

    Naturally, ahead of Slammiversary, having been without fans for 16 months, the return of live crowds was a hot topic for Rohit’s LockDown Session and, as you can see from the above video, the former Desi Hit Squad member wasted no time in dropping more than a few jaws with his performance.

    Elsewhere, Rohit also talks inspirations and which wrestlers influenced his decision to become a professional wrestler as well as Ultimate X tactics (even if they didn’t work quite as well as he’d hoped last night) and, perhaps most importantly, how Macho Man Randy Savage’s promos affected him and why they worked so well in making him believe in pro wrestling.

    Rohit’s full 20 minute interview with JC can be enjoyed in it’s entirety below where a range of other topics are covered and, of course, every single one of his Impact bouts can be watched on the brilliant Impact Plus app.

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