• WT Fan Post: How We (Nearly) Made It To WrestleMania 36

    Published on April 6, 2021

    Did You Miss WrestleMania ?  

    We wanna hear your story. 

    Dear Wrestling Travel Fans, 

    My name is David and I’m from Ireland. Me and a friend Mark are starting a podcast which we can get into more on a later stage. 

    Why I’m here today is like many of you we decided to book a WrestleMania Package with the great Wrestling Travel. Now to be fair Wrestling Travel have been nothing less than fantastic and that is something that I’m sure will be covered in great detail. 

    By this point your at one of two stages 

    1. What the hell is this about 


    2. Is this going anywhere 

    Well it is because I want our story to not be just us. I’m writing here thanks to Wrestling Travel and to ask if anyone would like to add to our story. You see in strange times we have felt ups and down and our podcast is going to be exactly that a story from the start of the Road to WrestleMania, the excitement of booking, the trill of the itinerary, to the disappointment of the announcement flights into the USA are stopping, but this is not just our story this is all of our story and that’s why I’m writing to you here.

    We wanna hear your take when you booked, when you got your itinerary, when it was cancelled, what you did next?

    What we are asking if you would like to tell your story whether it be a email, call, or we hope to have a voicemail box but if you are interested you can contact me for information and how you want to share by emailing me at [email protected]

    I really want to thank Wrestling Travel for helping us out with this and a massive thanks to them for the way they are keeping everyone safe but not killing the dreams.

    Hopefully if I hear from some of you we can have a good chat and who’s knows even meet in person at WrestleMania 2022 if that is what you decided to do. I am looking forward to hearing your stories!

    Thanks again for your time .

    Stay safe 


    Fiendishlygood Productions

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