• ROH: Death Before Dishonor – Full Results

    Published on October 17, 2018

    Twenty-four hours in Las Vegas breezed by quickly! We raced the sun to Sin City, visited some of my favorite haunts on The Strip, and arrived early for the meet and greets before the show. By the show’s start, I was running on adrenaline but had the most fun I’ve ever had at a Ring of Honor show.

    img_0434Whatever happened in Vegas definitely won’t stay in Vegas!

    Planning and Timing are Crucial!

    Had the NJPW Los Angeles Dojo not had a scheduled meet and greet series the following afternoon, we could have easily stayed an extra night for more sightseeing and the Ring of Honor TV tapings. Like NXT, they tape their shows in batches, and different New Japan talent were scheduled for the following night: KUSHIDA, SANADA, & EVIL. Although I would see them at Fighting Spirit Unleashed, I wished they could have been on both shows. I love their hybrid style of Japanese Strong Style and Mexican Lucha Libre.

    On paper, the show was packed with top talent, but the seven-match card breezed by quickly.

    Quick Fire Thoughts:

    • Tables Match: Wanted Flip to win. Resulted in this memory for the ROH archives.
    • King vs. Liger: Kenny was the hometown hero. Liger fought like a champ!
    • Sakai vs. Dashwood: Truly wanted the WOH title to change hands. Found out Tenille was injured the following day.
    • Martinez vs. Sabin: I boarded the Sabin hype train at Best of the Super Juniors. Martinez squeaked out a win only to drop the belt the next night. I was mad initially until this announcement was made about Super Junior Tag League!
    • The Briscoes vs. The Addiction: There’s a running story involved, but even as an East Coast Girl, I’m SCU all the way! I hope they do take the tag titles soon.
    • Bullet Club vs. CHAOS: Match of the Night, but knowing that this group of BC members call ROH home, they had the home team advantage. I brokenheartedly watch Rocky take the pin after an emotionally exhausting, intense match.
    • Lethal vs. Ospreay: Even with pulling out all the stops, I couldn’t get the 10-man tag rush out of my system. The biggest problem with this match is that Lethal and Ospreay left everything on the mat and around the ring, to the point I was worried someone would truly get hurt.

    Snaps of the Night!

    When going to shows, I only have my iPhone as a means of photography. I do not possess a fancy point-and-shoot, let alone a swish DSLR for more professional photographs. I do my best to document my show experience, but often I find myself lost in the moment (or nearly dropping my phone). Here are a couple of my favorite shots from Death Before Dishonor.

    Kazuchika Okada, Rocky Romero, The Best Friends & Tomohiro Ishii squad up in new CHAOS t-shirts!

    IMG_0278Tenille Dashwood pointedly screaming “JUST. TAP. SUMIE.”Ā 

    BKSX6XnxTeiRFdGrES3cZwI love sportsmanship, or as they call it “The Code of Honor.”

    Full results, recap, and photos available at Ring of Honor’s website.

    I had a fantastic time at Death Before Dishonor, especially the preshow meet and greets and going to dinner with friends after the show. I didn’t expect to end up in a T.G.I. Friday’s, but there was on in the connector between the Orleans Arena and the Orleans Hotel. It was a brief stay, but one I truly enjoyed! We weren’t half-way through the card, when plans about attending the Toronto tour stop of ROH’s Global Wars in November arose as well as the plausibility of going to the G1 Supercard at Madison Square Garden in April.

    What’s the best ROH show you’ve attended? Where would you like to see them next?

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