• Classic WrestleMania 38 Packages Have Officially Sold Out

    Published on May 22, 2021

    Classic WrestleMania 38 Packages Have Officially Sold Out

    Feel free to let the “You sold out! You sold out! You sold out!” chants ring out in our direction. Because Wrestling Travel are delighted to announce that our WrestleMania 38 Classic Packages have completely sold out.

    But don’t worry, there are still Premium and VIP packages available…

    Not only that, but we still have plenty of space left for the following year’s trip, in 2023, as Wrestling Travel goes Hollywood with WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles, California.

    These trips are undoubtedly proving to be our most popular packages of all time and we cannot wait to welcome so many members of the WT community onto them next year and the year after. After over 12 months of being unable to attend live events and missing not one but two WrestleMania weeks, we have a lot of catching up to do, so rest assured, we’ve got plenty of Hall of Fame worthy surprises in store for you all.

    If you’re already booked onto one of or both of our 2022 and 2023 WrestleMania packages, or even if you’re just mulling it over, we have you sorted for non-graps plans with our guides to Dallas and LA.

    And, while you will obviously receive a limited edition WT WrestleMania t-shirt for your travels with us, we also have much, much more merch on offer over on Wrestle Merch Central if you’re in the market for some fresh threads to rock at the return to live shows.

    We cannot wait for April 2022. We guarantee you all it will be a trip to remember. A six star main event of a package.

    Thank you once again for selling out our Classic WrestleMania 38 packages. Your support during such a turbulent time means the world to all of us on the Wrestling Travel team.

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