• AEW’s All In Event: Rumors, Anticipation, and the Missing Jarrett vs. Grado Match

    Published on August 22, 2023

    The excitement is building as AEW‘s highly anticipated All In pay-per-view event approaches, set to take place this Sunday, August 27, 2023, at the iconic Wembley Stadium in London, England. Wrestling enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the showdown, which will be broadcast as a PPV on Bleacher Report in the United States, with fans across the globe able to catch the action on FITE.

    However, amidst the buzz and anticipation, an unexpected twist emerged during a promotional appearance for the AEW All In event. Wrestling legend Jeff Jarrett, in a candid interview with pro wrestler Grado, ended up delivering his signature guitar blow to Grado, leaving fans speculating about the possibility of a heated match between the two stars being added to the All In lineup.

    The history between Grado and Jarrett adds an intriguing layer to this potential match. The moment that still lingers in the minds of fans dates back to ICW Fear & Loathing XI in 2018. Jarrett, once an ally, shocked the wrestling world by betraying Grado. In an unforgettable turn of events, Jarrett played a pivotal role in James Storm’s victory over Grado, smashing a guitar over Grado’s head as a referee, sealing Storm’s win.

    Given this history, fans have been clamoring for a Grado vs. Jarrett showdown at AEW’s All In. The prospect of witnessing a clash of these two competitors, driven by personal vendetta, has sparked excitement and anticipation. A potential “Madonna ‘Like A Prayer'” moment, laden with iconic significance, has loomed over the event, offering the potential for an unforgettable chapter in AEW history.

    However, recent sources suggest a different narrative. According to information from PWMania.com, insiders report that the much-discussed Jarrett vs. Grado match has not been part of the internal planning for the All In event. Contrary to fervent fan hopes, the match’s inclusion in the lineup seems unlikely at this juncture. This revelation disappoints fans who were envisioning the culmination of the longstanding feud between these two competitors on the grand stage.

    While the news may disappoint some, it’s essential to remember that the landscape of professional wrestling is known for its twists and turns. Plans can change at the drop of a hat, and the dynamic nature of the industry means that surprises are always a possibility. The allure of the wrestling world lies in its unpredictability, keeping fans engaged and intrigued until the final bell rings.

    As AEW’s All In event approaches, the focus remains on the existing lineup and the promised showdowns that await. While the Jarrett vs. Grado match might not currently be in the cards, fans can rest assured that the event will deliver a spectacle of athleticism, drama, and excitement.

    In the realm of professional wrestling, anticipation and speculation are par for the course. As fans prepare to witness the latest chapter in AEW’s journey, they can only hope that the unpredictability of the industry might yet surprise them and provide the electrifying Grado vs. Jarrett showdown they’ve been yearning for. Until then, all eyes remain on the grand stage of Wembley Stadium, where wrestling history will be written once again.

    No, we DEMAND JJ and Grado be on that show, but life as Madonna said is a mystery

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