• Meet Bullet Club Recruit Robbie Eagles

    Published on October 13, 2018

    On October 8th, Bullet Club OG member, Bad Luck Fale, announced that the group had been scouting around the world, and had found their newest recruit – the Australian indie star, Robbie Eagles, who will debut in the NJPW Super Junior Tag League alongside Taiji Ishimori, starting October 16th.

    If the buzz surrounding this much-hyped indie star hasn’t reached you yet, or you’ve been meaning to check out this up-and-coming name for a while now, here’s everything you need to know about the new BC OG member.

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    Notable Achievements

    • Ten-year veteran
    • Wrestled for NJPW during their Australian tour
    • Wrestled the likes of Cody, Will Ospreay, Zack Sabre Jr., EVIL, SANADA, Shingo Takagi (full guide on him here), Nick Aldis, Joey Janela, Austin Aries, Marty Scurll, Travis Banks, Bandido and more
    • Reached the second round of PWG’s BOLA in 2018
    • Won several championships in his native Australia
    • One of the biggest names coming out of the blossoming Australian scene
    • Challenged for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship

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    In-Ring Style

    • A strong Lucha influence
    • Lots of arm drags and kip-ups
    • Plenty of gorgeous dives
    • Impressive strength (has a lovely bridging fallaway slam)
    • Kicks and running strikes
    • Basically, a move set that you would give your CAW in a video game

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    Why He’s a Great Addition to BC OG

    • Tag team partner for Ishimori during Super Junior Tag League, and possibly beyond that
    • Can represent the group outside of New Japan both in Australia and in certain American indies
    • Some new blood to the group – he’s pretty much an unknown to most New Japan viewers, especially their domestic audience, so bringing Robbie in would give them the mystery advantage in Junior Tag League and a chance to mould him into a proper representative of the group
    • Simply put, he could have some great matches if given the chance
    • He doesn’t have to be there full time, he can be brought him on occasions that require him

    What You Can Expect From Him in New Japan

    • Some fantastic matches, especially with the CMLL stars in Junior Tag League who would have great chemistry with
    • If they ever allow him to have a match with Ospreay, it will tear down the house down
    • You can expect him to always keep his headband and bandana around his neck throughout every match
    • Unfortunately, you probably won’t see him too often in New Japan (at least not yet). He will most likely just be brought in for tournaments and certain events, much like fellow BC OG member, Gino Gambino
    • Robbie will hopefully help New Japan expand into Australia more, which will open the door up for more Australian stars to get global exposure
    • Eagles and Ishimori will most likely finish in the top half of the Junior Tag League

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