• 205 Live likely to merge with NXT in October.

    Published on September 12, 2019

    Photo credit: WWE

    Everyone can agree that the catalyst for 205 Live, was the inaugural Cruiserweight Classic Tournament.

    Since that time, 205 Live has become an exciting brand to watch, giving the opportunity to showcase fearless and competitive action on a weekly platform.

    It is now being reported that this is all set to change, as WWE is in advanced discussions to consolidate the 205 Live roster into NXT as a way to add more firepower in WWE’s quest to win the “Wednesday Night Wars” against AEW.

    Credit: WWE – 20 defining moments from 205 Live

    The Cruiserweight Championship will also likely be heading to the NXT brand in preparations for the Black & Gold’s premier on the USA network.

    In a recent interview, reported by Wrestling Bible, Triple H may be pushing for NXT and 205 Live to join together.

    He stated that NXT and 205 Live should merge their rosters.

    Triple H wants NXT to air for two hours instead of the normal one hour. 

    Credit: B Hodge – 205 Live likely to merge with NXT

    He claimed that by doing this NXT can and will be seen as a legitimate third brand, coinciding with Monday Night RAW and SmackDown Live.

    Triple H also stated he wants every Superstar, regardless of weight restrictions, to wrestle each other to gain more experience and create more interesting match-ups. However, as expected, only Superstars that meet the weight requirement will be allowed to compete for the WWE Cruiserweight championship.

    This idea alone opens the door for endless possibilities and dream matches. Who wouldn’t want to see Ricochet vs Mustafa Ali, or a possible Cruiserweight tag team division?

    Holding NXT to the same standard as the main roster could make for some interesting confrontations.

    Confrontations that can be resolved at “Big 5” pay-per-views:

    RAW vs SmackDown Live vs NXT 3-Team Survivor Series Elimination match anyone? Finn Balor vs AJ Styles vs Adam Cole for the fans of Bullet Club?

    Seth Rollins and Velveteen Dream in an insanely athletic spectacle?

    Aleister Black to be the one to put the final nail in The Undertaker’s coffin?

    The possibilities are endless.

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